Definition of Accreditation:

  1. An acknowledgment of a persons responsibility for or achievement of something.

  2. Certification of competence in a specified subject or areas of expertise, and of the integrity of an agency, firm, group, or person, awarded by a duly recognized and respected accrediting organization.

  3. The action or process of officially recognizing someone as having a particular status or being qualified to perform a particular activity.

How to use Accreditation in a sentence?

  1. In terms of world records, the organization The Guinness Book of World Records is responsible for accreditation of individuals worthy of being in the record book.
  2. In order to receive accreditation , the masters program at Fellingham University had to offer specific courses and hire qualified professors.
  3. The accreditation of professionals.
  4. For a doctor to be considered a specialist in a given field, s/he must have the proper accreditation in their specialty.
  5. Both parties create authorship, and to make this clear I have always used joint accreditations.

Meaning of Accreditation & Accreditation Definition