Definition of Accounts:

  1. Significance

  2. Details of reports or events or experiences.

  3. Log in or get an account for the amount received.

  4. Look or look in a certain way.

  5. The financial records of an organization are required to record all financial transactions and are kept at its head office or branch. The purpose of these records is to allow everyone to accurately assess the organization's current financial situation. Companies present their annual accounts in two main sections: balance sheet and profit and loss account (profit and loss account). Disclosure of certain information requires the annual accounts of companies or legal entities registered by law. And it needs to be verified by an external auditor who gives an accurate picture of the company's financial business. See also account.

  6. An agreement that gives users access to a computer, website or application by entering their personal username and password.

  7. An agreement under which the organization maintains funds or provides goods or services on credit from the client

  8. Records or statements of financial income and expenses that relate to a particular period or purpose.

Synonyms of Accounts

Financial statement, Ledger, Concern, Mark, Seriousness, Consider, View as, Communiqué, Adjudge, Deem, Value, Rendition, Regard as, News, Exposition, Prominence, Story, Portrayal, Recital, Importance, Think of as, Results, Interpret as, Momentousness, Count, Rate, Statement, Version, Report, Narrative, See as, Book, Judge, Sketch, Consequence, Gravity, Tale, Explanation, Weightiness, Take for, Import, Moment, Narration, Description, Financial record, Look on as, Interpretation, Substance, Interest, Note, Weight, Delineation, Bank account, Balance sheet, Hold to be, Significance, Reckon, Journal, Gauge, Think

How to use Accounts in a sentence?

  1. I have several different bank accounts and I wondered why I didn't have one, but I decided to have more than one.
  2. A detailed description of what was obtained.
  3. Your visit will not be considered successful.
  4. He doesn't care about money.
  5. A bank account
  6. The waiter creates his account.
  7. We've reset your password to prevent others from accessing your account.
  8. You need to see if there is enough money in your account to cover your expenses.
  9. After 1292, it was accounted for in the Westminster Treasury.
  10. Financial institutions offer checking and savings accounts to companies and individuals around the world and provide access to commercial and personal funds from anywhere in the world.

Meaning of Accounts & Accounts Definition

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What is The Definition of Accounts?

  1. Accounts means: Financial statements of a person or company. Also, money saving agreements with financial institutions such as banks, construction companies, etc. Check the financial terms.

  2. Definition of Accounts: Companies must prepare annual financial reports. If they have a public business, they must also show semi-annual income (information income six months after the start of the year).

Meanings of Accounts

  1. Records or reports of financial income and expenses related to a particular period or purpose.

  2. An agreement under which the organization retains funds on behalf of the client or provides services on loan or goods.

  3. An agreement that gives users access to a computer, website or application by personally entering a username and password.

  4. Seeing or seeing in a certain way.

  5. Prepare or present notes of money given or received.

Sentences of Accounts

  1. The bartender created his account

  2. Your visit will not be considered successful

  3. In order to be properly accountable, trustees should not confuse sincere assets with other assets.


How Do You Define Accounts?

  • The financial record of a person or company. Money saving agreements with financial institutions such as banks, construction companies, etc. Check the financial needs.

  • Companies need to prepare annual financial reports. If listed, they must also report semi-annual income (income information six months after the start of the year).

Meanings of Accounts

  1. Description of an account or an event or experience.

  2. Records or reports of financial income and expenditure for a particular period or purpose.

  3. Agreements in which an organization withholds funds from customers or provides goods or services to customers on credit.

Sentences of Accounts

  1. Detailed report on what was achieved

Synonyms of Accounts

current account, vlog, savings account, transaction, minute, deposit account, register, impression, chronicle, relation, sitrep, log, memoir, transcript, review, moblog, weblog, archive, proceeding, blog, diary, rehearsal, annal, history


What Does Accounts Mean?

  1. The financial record of a person or company. Also money saving agreements with financial institutions like banks, construction companies etc. Check the financial needs.

  2. Accounts means, Companies are required to file annual financial reports. If enrolled, they must also report semi-annual income (information about income six months after the start of the year).

Meanings of Accounts

  1. Description of an account or event or experience.

  2. Financial records or income and expense reports for a specific period or purpose.

  3. Prepare or submit files for cash accounts given or received.

Sentences of Accounts

  1. A detailed report of what was obtained

  2. For accurate reporting, the trustee should not combine fiduciary assets with other assets.