Accounts Receivable Turnover

Accounts Receivable Turnover,

Accounts Receivable Turnover Meanings:

  • Accounts Receivable Turnover can be defined as, This loan is used to measure a company's ability to raise money from customers. This is determined by dividing the net sales by the average net account.

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Meanings of Accounts:
  1. See or see yourself in a certain way.

  2. Set up or upload files for accounts with specific or accepted amounts.

  3. A record or report of financial income and expenditure relates to a specific period or purpose.

  4. An agreement in which an organization raises funds on behalf of a customer or provides goods or services to a customer on credit.

  5. An agreement that gives a user personal access to a computer, website or application by entering their username and password in person.

Sentences of Accounts
  1. In order to report accurately, the trustee must not confuse trust assets with other properties.

  2. Detailed report obtained

  3. The bartender does the math

  4. He doesn't care about money

Synonyms of Accounts

weight, momentousness, delineation, book, communiqué, interpret as, gravity, gauge, concern, results, narrative, judge, news, import, balance sheet, bank account, look on as, explanation, count, exposition, deem, mark, note, financial statement, narration


Meanings of Receivable:
  1. Accessible.

  2. The amount owed to the company is considered an asset.

Sentences of Receivable
  1. This part of the agreement states that in order to maintain full trust in the partnership, both partners must meet all obligations and demands on a monthly basis in an honest and fair manner.

  2. Lenders initially exclude assets that are not eligible, such as: B loans that have passed more than 90 days.

Synonyms of Receivable

in the red, owed, owing, unattended to, overdue, undischarged, unsettled, payable, in arrears, unresolved, receivable, to be paid, due, outstanding


Meanings of Turnover:
  1. The amount earned by the company in a given period.

  2. The rate at which employees leave the workforce and take their place.

  3. A muffin that is made by folding a piece of flour on top to cover the sweet filling.

  4. (In the game) losing control of the ball to the opposing team.

Sentences of Turnover
  1. Sales of around 4 million

  2. Too many fluctuations leave the program with many young teachers

  3. The apple nest

  4. Lead the team and be careful to avoid swings.

Synonyms of Turnover

yield, income, movement, change, coming and going, revenue, gross revenue, rate of replacement