Accounts Receivable (AR)

Accounts Receivable (AR),

How Do You Define Accounts Receivable (AR)?

Account Recipient (AR) is the amount owed by a company for goods or services provided or provided by customers, but has not yet been paid. Accounts received from customers are listed as current assets in the balance sheet. AR is the amount owed to the customer for credit purchases.

  • Receivable Accounts is an asset account on the balance sheet that represents the amount owed to the company in the short term.
  • Complaints arise when a company allows a buyer to purchase goods or services on credit.
  • Accounts payable are similar to accounts receivable, but they are subject to payment instead of accounts receivable.
  • A company's AR strength can be analyzed based on its turnover rate or current sales.
  • Business rate analysis can be done to predict when AR will actually be available.

The definition of Accounts Receivable (AR) is: Records of all short-term customer accounts (less than 12 months) that you sold but did not pay. These customers are known as accounts receivable and are usually charged by the company.

Meaning of Accounts Receivable (AR): All customers must pay for goods or services provided on credit. The total assets will be stated on the balance sheet.

Claims, also called A / R (or AR, good guess), is another basic corporate financial term that means the amount that other people have to pay for your small business for goods or services. Is. . These accounts are considered assets because they represent the legal obligation for consumers to repay their short-term debt in cash.

Literal Meanings of Accounts Receivable (AR)


Meanings of Accounts:
  1. A record or report of financial income and expenditure relates to a specific period or purpose.

  2. An agreement under which the organization retains funds on behalf of the client or provides services on loan or goods.

  3. An agreement that gives a user personal access to a computer, website or application, usually by entering a username and password.

  4. Look or look in a certain way.

  5. Prepare or present notes of money given or received.

Sentences of Accounts
  1. The bartender created his account

  2. In order to be properly accountable, trustees should not confuse sincere assets with other assets.

Synonyms of Accounts

substance, results, deem, weightiness, count, judge, version, adjudge, communiqué, rate, ledger, recital, concern, interpret as, prominence, look on as, portrayal, news, financial statement, gauge, mark, exposition, seriousness, narrative, think


Meanings of Receivable:
  1. To receive.

  2. Amounts due to entity being considered assets.

Sentences of Receivable
  1. This part of the agreement states that in order to maintain full trust during the partnership, the two partners must be honest and fair in disclosing each other's responsibilities and requests to each other each month.

  2. Lenders initially exclude assets that are not eligible, such as B claiming maturity of more than 90 days.

Synonyms of Receivable

unsettled, overdue, to be paid, owed, in arrears, receivable, due, outstanding, owing, unattended to, unresolved, in the red, payable, undischarged


Meanings of AR:
  1. The chemical element argon.

  2. Accounts can be obtained.

  3. Arkansas (under official postal use).

  4. Army regulations.

  5. Sovereign Republic

  6. Extended reality.

  7. Arunachal Pradesh

Accounts Receivable (AR),

Accounts Receivable (AR) Meanings:

  • Enter the amount owed to the lender in the current account. This list maintains business as usual for lenders and represents unpaid claims and transactions.

  • Customers owe money to their company.

Literal Meanings of Accounts Receivable (AR)


Synonyms of Accounts

hold to be, narration, balance sheet, value, description, see as, bank account, journal, delineation, explanation, story, financial record, statement, sketch, tale, book, import, report, reckon, momentousness, take for, think of as, consider, rendition, interest, gravity, importance, weight, significance, moment