Accounting Basis

Accounting Basis,

What is Accounting Basis?

You can define Accounting Basis as, How to calculate the amount subject to income tax and sales tax. In terms of sales tax, it is calculated as a percentage of sales tax on purchases. This is an ideological concept that is not used by any country.

Literal Meanings of Accounting Basis


Meanings of Accounting:
  1. The process or process of maintaining financial accounts.

Sentences of Accounting
  1. Investigation of false accounting claims

Synonyms of Accounting

financial affairs, money matters, pecuniary matters, fiscal matters, economics, money management, commerce, business, investment, banking, accounting


Meanings of Basis:
  1. The basic sources or reasons for an idea, argument or action.

Sentences of Basis
  1. Trust is the only key to a good working relationship

Synonyms of Basis

origin, cause, root, source, starting point, core, centre, heart, kernel, base, basis, foundation