Definition of Accountant:

  1. Qualified person who is trained in bookkeeping and in preparation, auditing and analysis of accounts. Accountants prepare annual reports and financial statements for planning and decision making, and advise on tax laws and investment opportunities. See also accounting.

  2. A person whose job is to keep, inspect, and analyse financial accounts.

Synonyms of Accountant

CA, CPA, Abacist, Accountant general, Actuary, Amanuensis, Archivist, Auditor, Bank accountant, Bank examiner, Bookkeeper, Bursar, Calculator, Cashier, Cashkeeper, Certified public accountant, Chamberlain, Chartered accountant, Clerk, Comptroller, Computer, Controller, Cost accountant, Cost keeper, Curator, Depositary, Depository, Documentalist, Engraver, Estimator, Figurer, Filing clerk, Financial officer, Journalizer, Librarian, Liquidator, Marker, Notary, Notary public, Paymaster, Prothonotary, Purse bearer, Purser, Receiver, Reckoner, Record clerk, Recorder, Recordist, Register, Registrar, Scorekeeper, Scorer, Scribe, Scrivener, Secretary, Statistician, Stenographer, Steward, Stonecutter, Timekeeper, Treasurer, Trustee, Clerk, Bank clerk, Teller, Bank teller, Banker, Treasurer, Bursar, Purser

How to use Accountant in a sentence?

  1. Having a good accountant can help you to figure out different tax breaks that you may not have seen yourself.
  2. My brother Gary studied to be an accountant for a couple months and was very pleased when he began his new job.
  3. We hired an accountant to handle our taxes this year, since last year we were audited for reasons unknown to us.
  4. Financial control is not as popular with qualified accountants as it used to be.

Meaning of Accountant & Accountant Definition


Accountant Meanings:

The term accountant refers to a professional who performs accounting duties, such as analyzing accounts, auditing or analyzing financial statements. Accountants work with accounting firms of large companies or in-house accounting departments. You can also set up your own individual exercises. After meeting the requirements of state-specific training and examinations, these specialists are certified by the National Professional Association.

  • An accountant is a professional who performs accounting tasks, such as analyzing accounts, auditing or analyzing financial statements.
  • Accountants can find work in accounting firms, large companies with in-house accounting departments, or start sole proprietorships.
  • Many accountants choose to become certified accountants because the position of CPA is considered a golden standard in the accounting profession.

Meaning of Accountant: Someone whose job it is to check, manage, or manage accounts.

A simple definition of Accountant is: Eligible persons to record and report financial transactions.

Synonyms of Accountant

public accountant , comptroller , examiner , analyst , bookkeeper , teller , reckoner , cashier , CPA , clerk , auditor , actuary , calculator