Definition of Accountable:

  1. (of a person, organization, or institution) required or expected to justify actions or decisions; responsible.

  2. In general, answerable for ones conduct, discharge of assigned responsibilities, or performance. In specific, being under a duty to render an account of money or other property received.

  3. Explicable; understandable.

Synonyms of Accountable

Englishable, Alleged, Amenable, Answerable, Ascribable, Assignable, Attributable, Attributed, Chargeable, Charged, Construable, Credited, Definable, Derivable from, Derivational, Derivative, Describable, Due, Explainable, Explicable, Imputable, Imputed, Interpretable, Liable, Obligated, Obliged, Owing, Putative, Referable, Referred to, Renderable, Responsible, Responsible for, To blame, Traceable, Translatable, Explicable, Explainable, Responsible, Liable, Answerable, Chargeable

How to use Accountable in a sentence?

  1. Parents could be held accountable for their childrens actions.
  2. Holding everyone at your office accountable for their actions will make sure that they always think through their major decisions.
  3. I realized that I was going to be held accountable for my actions at the bank the other day and it made me uneasy.
  4. Those were Jasons accounts and he was held accountable after they did not renew their contracts with the firm; management decided he would not get a bonus this year.

Meaning of Accountable & Accountable Definition