Definition of Accountability:

  1. Responsible fact or condition.

  2. It is the responsibility of an individual or organization to be responsible for its activities, to be accountable to them and to disclose results in a transparent manner. It also includes responsibility for money or other vested property.

Synonyms of Accountability

Responsibility, Answerability, Liability

How to use Accountability in a sentence?

  1. My boss asks me about my sales goals at the beginning of each month, but I've never reached them. I don't worry about my job because our company is not responsible for sales goals.
  2. Employees in the payroll department have performance concerns, so they develop new ways of working to monitor job performance and accountability for their jobs.
  3. Lack of accountability has hurt public respect.
  4. Workers stay up late, take long breaks during work hours and surf the internet because management does not accept responsibility.

Meaning of Accountability & Accountability Definition