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Account statement,

Definition of Account statement:

  1. General: Summary of all transactions with a customer or a supplier that occurred over the previous month, quarter, etc., and their effect on an open-account balance. Also called a statement of account.

  2. Account statements refer to almost any official summary of an account, wherever the account is held. Insurance companies may provide account statements summarizing paid-in cash values, for example. Statements can be generated for almost any type of accounts that represent ongoing transactions where funds are repeatedly exchanged. This can include online payment accounts such as PayPal, credit card accounts, brokerage accounts, and savings accounts.

  3. Banking: Alternative term for bank statement.

  4. An account statement is a periodic summary of account activity with a beginning date and an ending date. The most commonly known are checking account statements, usually provided monthly, and brokerage account statements, which are provided monthly or quarterly. Monthly credit card bills are also considered account statements.

How to use Account statement in a sentence?

  1. Account statements can be thought of as a summary of the account and include statements of services provided, fees charged, and money owed.
  2. Account statements should be scrutinized for accuracy, and historical statements are critical for budgeting.
  3. An account statement is a periodic statement summarizing account activity over a set period of time.

Meaning of Account statement & Account statement Definition

Account Statement,

How Do You Define Account Statement?

  1. The bank statement is a routine summary of account activity with start and end dates. The most popular are bank statements, which are usually provided on a monthly basis, and brokerage reports, which are provided on a monthly or quarterly basis. Monthly credit card bills are also treated as bank statements.

    • A bank statement is a periodic bank statement that summarizes account activity over a period of time.
    • The account report can be viewed as an account review and includes information about the services provided, the amount charged, and the amount owed.
    • Bank statements should be checked for accuracy and historical bank reports are important for the budget.

  2. Account Statement can be defined as, All amounts of paper or online reports saved or saved in your account during the reporting cycle.

  3. Paper or online reports of all transactions in your account during the reporting cycle.

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Meanings of Account:
  1. Records or reports of financial income and expenses related to a particular period or purpose.

  2. An arrangement under which the organization retains funds from customers or provides goods or services to customers for credit.

  3. An agreement that gives users access to a computer, website or application by personally entering a username and password.

  4. Seeing or seeing in a certain way.

Synonyms of Account

description, report, version, story, narration, narrative, statement, news, explanation, exposition, interpretation, communiqué, recital, rendition, sketch, delineation, portrayal, tale, financial record, book, ledger, journal, balance sheet, financial statement, results, bank account


Meanings of Statement:
  1. Specific or clear expression of something when speaking or writing.

Sentences of Statement
  1. Do you agree with this observation?

Synonyms of Statement

declaration, expression of facts, expression of views, affirmation, assertion, announcement, utterance, communication