Account Roll Over

Account Roll Over,

How Do You Define Account Roll Over?

A process in which account numbers are copied from one fiscal year to another. Account renewal depends on your status. Government accounts C, D or I with zero balance will not be renewed. See also account status.

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Meanings of Account:
  1. See or see yourself in a certain way.

  2. Records or reports of financial income and expenses related to a particular period or purpose.

  3. An agreement in which an organization will hold funds on behalf of a customer or provide goods or services to a customer on credit.

  4. An agreement that gives a user personal access to a computer, website or application by entering their username and password in person.

Sentences of Account
  1. A detailed description of what was obtained

  2. He doesn't care about money

Synonyms of Account

seriousness, delineation, view as, book, rate, weight, rendition, consequence, explanation, significance, financial statement, hold to be, deem, exposition, value, narrative, regard as, bank account, gravity, moment, report, statement


Meanings of Roll:
  1. Rotate the axis and move it backwards in a certain direction.

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Synonyms of Roll

inventory, reverberation, scroll, reverberate, listing, be conveyed, level, record, smooth, cruise, go, file, peal, rotate, rumble, sweep, crack, grumble, travel, roar, index, catalogue, throw, thunderclap, fold, boom, go round and round


Meanings of Over:
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Sentences of Over
  1. I saw a fire in Berlin

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  6. Hot debate about unemployment

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Synonyms of Over

greater than, respecting, as regards, upwards of, as for, everywhere in, more than, beyond, around, on to, about, with respect to, across, relating to, higher than, on the subject of, in connection with, on top of, exceeding, throughout the extent of, with reference to, in excess of, speaking of, re, regarding, all through, atop, apropos of, above, throughout