Account Balance History

Account Balance History,

Account Balance History:

  • Historical picture of your available balance

Literal Meanings of Account Balance History


Meanings of Account:
  1. Description of an account or an event or experience.

  2. Financial records or reports of income and expenditure for a specific period or purpose.

  3. Agreements under which an organization withholds funds from customers or provides goods or services to customers on credit.

  4. An agreement that gives users personal access to a computer, website or application, usually by entering a username and password.

  5. Consider or consider in a particular way.

  6. Prepare or submit files for given or received cash accounts.

Sentences of Account
  1. Detailed report on what was achieved

  2. The bartender does the math.

  3. He doesn't care about money

  4. Your visit cannot be considered successful.

  5. In order to report accurately, the trustee must not combine trust assets with other properties.

Synonyms of Account

momentousness, narrative, consider, tale, book, note, count, exposition, balance sheet, weightiness, moment, deposit account, reckon, review, interpretation, weight, take for, report, consequence, minute, rehearsal, transaction, value


Meanings of Balance:
  1. Equitable weight distribution that allows someone or something to stay upright and stable.

  2. A situation where different objects are equal or in exactly the same proportions.

  3. Weighing equipment, mainly with central axis, beam and two scales.

  4. Balance or strength.

  5. Overweight

  6. A number that represents the difference between the amount credited and debited to the account and the cash in the account.

  7. (Some) keep in a stable position so that you do not fall.

  8. Compare or contrast the price of (one thing) with another.

  9. (Account) Compare charges and credits to make sure they are the same.

Sentences of Balance
  1. He lost his balance and fell

  2. Responsibility for political balance in the audiovisual sector

  3. Your opinion is that work is more important than free time.

  4. You have created a healthy balance in your savings account.

  5. The cup he keeps on his knees.

  6. The cost of obtaining this information must be weighed against the benefits.

  7. The law requires the board to keep its books in annual balance.

Synonyms of Balance

equipoise, prop, compensation, equality, parallelism, footing, assess, countercheck, compare, poise, counterweight, justice, appraise, levelness, counterbalance, stability, parity, consider, uniformity, makeweight, weigh up, ballast, level, correspondence, equity, equilibrium


Meanings of History:
  1. A study of past events, especially in human affairs.

  2. A whole series of past events related to a particular person or thing.

  3. A generally continuous historical record of important or public events, trends, or institutions.

  4. Secures logs, web browsers, web pages and other files that were accessed.

Sentences of History
  1. Medieval European history

  2. Royal history

  3. History of the labor movement

  4. When you see an ad on a website, it's not about your history, it's about your search.

Synonyms of History

bygone days, the good old days, time gone by, antiquity, chronicle, yesterday, archive, tale, public records, annals, the past, yesteryear, biography, study, the eld, saga, narrative, days of old, memoir, report, the olden days