Definition of Accomplished:

  1. Highly trained or skilled.

  2. Highly skilled in some area or talent. The accomplished singer had already released three CDs by her 20th birthday, and had performed several sold-out concerts..

  3. Past tense of accomplish.

Synonyms of Accomplished

Expert, Skilled, Skilful, Masterly, Virtuoso, Master, Consummate, Proficient, Talented, Gifted, Adept, Adroit, Deft, Dexterous, Able, Good, Competent, Capable, Efficient, Experienced, Seasoned, Trained, Practised, Professional, Polished, Well versed, Versed, Smart, Clever, Ingenious, Ready, Apt, Handy, Artful

How to use Accomplished in a sentence?

  1. An accomplished pianist.

Meaning of Accomplished & Accomplished Definition

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