Accidental Bodily Injury

Accidental Bodily Injury,

How Do You Define Accidental Bodily Injury?

  • Accidental injury.

  • Personal injuries remain in the accident.

Literal Meanings of Accidental Bodily Injury


Meanings of Accidental:
  1. A sign indicating a temporary deviation from the key signature when adding or subtracting notes.

  2. Another term for bum

  3. It happens accidentally, accidentally or unexpectedly.

  4. Subsidiary

  5. (In Aristotelian thought) refers to those qualities which are not necessarily in nature.

Sentences of Accidental
  1. The announcer's voice is usually written with the necessary modifications without the key signature.

  2. Death penalty for accident

  3. The position is random and does not increase the tension between the letters in the poem.

  4. In both colloquial and philosophical discourse, it is common to distinguish between essential and accidental properties of things.

Synonyms of Accidental

marginal, casual, inessential, occurring by chance, extraneous, tangential, unimportant, adventitious, irrelevant, chance, peripheral, beside the point, extrinsic, minor, fortuitous, non-essential, serendipitous, secondary, random, of little account, subsidiary, by the by, aleatory, parenthetical


Meanings of Bodily:
  1. Forcibly move someone or your body.

  2. Overall massive.

  3. Belonging to or belonging to the body

Sentences of Bodily
  1. I dragged him out of the truck

  2. Build ships off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, take them straight to the mountains and send them to the Pacific Ocean

  3. Children learn to control their bodily functions

Synonyms of Bodily

carnal, physically gratifying, forcefully, animal, physical, powerfully, bodily, fleshly, with force, violently, forcibly


Meanings of Injury:
  1. Injury case.

  2. Destroying someone's feelings.

Sentences of Injury
  1. He injured his back

Synonyms of Injury

cut, laceration, scratch, slash, wound, rent, offence, abrasion, tear, sore, abuse, bruise, graze, gash, lesion, gouge, contusion

Accidental Bodily Injury,

What Does Accidental Bodily Injury Mean?

  • You can define Accidental Bodily Injury as, Unexpected injury to someone.

  • Accidental injury to the body

  • Personal injury due to accident

Literal Meanings of Accidental Bodily Injury


Synonyms of Accidental

occurring by accident, accessory, immaterial, unnecessary, lesser, coincidental, incidental, supplementary, fluky, by the way, subordinate