Accident Report Form

Accident Report Form,

What is Accident Report Form?

  • The accident report form is used to record important information about the accident.

Literal Meanings of Accident Report Form


Meanings of Accident:
  1. An unfortunate event that occurs unexpectedly and unintentionally, often resulting in loss or injury.

  2. An event that happens by chance or for no apparent or intentional reason.

  3. (In Aristotle's thought) Owning something that is not necessary for its nature.

Sentences of Accident
  1. There was an accident in the factory

  2. Pregnancy is an accident

  3. The new element is existence, which Oceana sees as an opportunity to relate to things.

Synonyms of Accident

problem, mere chance, mischance, blow, hazard, mishap, chance, coincidence, catastrophe, contretemps, injury, trouble, misadventure, twist of fate, disaster, unfortunate incident, difficulty, misfortune, freak, tragedy, calamity


Meanings of Report:
  1. Make an oral or written report about something you have observed, heard, done or learned.

  2. Think formally as if you have reached a certain place or are ready to do something.

  3. Responsible (for supervisor or supervisor)

  4. Explain a particular situation, especially in the form of an official document, after a detailed investigation or scrutiny by the nominee.

  5. Information that is not supported by corroborating evidence that the speaker believes is true or not.

  6. Sudden loud noise or explosion or sound like a gunshot.

  7. An employee is being cared for by another employee.

  8. The way someone or something is seen as fame.

Sentences of Report
  1. Representatives have reported a decline in milk and meat production

  2. Stewart was due to be released on parole on Monday

  3. President's Annual Report

  4. There are reports that the president is about to resign

  5. All our horses are very polite and accustomed to the sound of 0.22. To listen

  6. It's all about the young people of their decade who don't know what to wear.

Synonyms of Report

exposition, statement, outline, tell of, repute, shot, crack, review, word, reputation, character, announce, description, appear, give an account of, blast, present oneself, describe, arrive, bang, name, standing, account, regard, intelligence, information, news, gunshot, intimation


Meanings of Form:
  1. Put the pieces together or put them together (something)

  2. Draw or shape.

  3. The visible shape or arrangement of something.

  4. A special form in which an object exists or appears.

  5. A type or type of something.

  6. Normal or correct method or procedure that is performed as usual.

  7. The shape, frame or block in which something is formed.

  8. Document printed with spaces for entering information.

  9. The class or year at school is usually given a specific number.

  10. The condition of the athlete or sports team in relation to their current level of performance.

  11. Long backless bench.

  12. Different spellings

  13. A rabbit's nest.

Sentences of Form
  1. The company was founded in 1982

  2. Roll the dough into a ball

  3. The shape, color and texture of the tea tree

  4. Your obsession takes the form of forced exercise

  5. Excessive engagement with legal form and jurisdiction

  6. Registration form

  7. The fifth way

Synonyms of Form

system, den, classification, state of health, sheet of paper, disposition, wont, rule, lay the foundations of, shape, coupon, get going, use, fashion, drey, fettle, set, variety, description, fitness, tradition, regimen, physical fitness