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Access To Records Clause,

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    Also known as an inspection or review clause, it is one of the most important rights of an agreement that an insurance company enjoys under a reinsurance agreement. The purpose of this clause is to give the insurance company the right to inspect the insurance books and records that apply to the insurance company. This is one of the few ways that insurance companies review the activities assigned to them under their insurance contracts and verify that the subsidiaries comply with the terms of the agreement, ie assignment, policies and regularity of claims. ۔ , As well as premium accounts. The general access clause includes the following.

    The insurance company or designated agent will have free access to the company's books and such insurance-related matters at any appropriate time to obtain information about the agreement or its purpose.

    The latest file access clauses are more limited and specific in terms of the scope, term and type of supervision that insurance offers.

    Most insurance contracts have record access clauses. Insurance rights are firmly rooted in the insurance industry, thus supporting the suggestion that insurance companies should have this right, even under a strict clause.

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