Acceptance Bonus

Acceptance Bonus,

Acceptance Bonus Meanings:

An amount paid to an employee who agrees to perform a difficult task.

Literal Meanings of Acceptance Bonus


Meanings of Acceptance:
  1. The process of accepting or agreeing to something offered.

  2. The process or process for joining the general group has been added as appropriate or appropriate.

  3. Approval or belief in an idea, opinion or explanation.

Sentences of Acceptance
  1. Allegations of bribery

  2. You have to wait to be accepted into the club.

  3. Acceptance of church teachings

Synonyms of Acceptance

belief, adoption, faith, favourable reception, integration, credence in, confidence, embracing, receiving, obtaining, belief in, trust, approval, welcome, taking, traction, reliance, faith in, embrace, dependence on, receipt, credence, acquiring, dependence, confidence in, trust in


Meanings of Bonus:
  1. The amount that is added to the salary depends on the time of year, mainly in return for good performance.

Sentences of Bonus
  1. Great Christmas bonus

Synonyms of Bonus

dividend, percentage, reward, gratuity, present, honorarium, commission, handout, tip, premium, prize, extra payment, gift