Acceptable use policy (AUP)

Acceptable use policy (AUP),

Definition of Acceptable use policy (AUP):

  1. Corporate, organizational, or internet service providers rules governing use of computers, networks, and associated resources. In general, an AUP states that employees, or users (1) should not try to access system areas for which they do not have authorization, (2) are accountable for what they do, (3) should use the system only for its designed purposes, (4) are responsible for the confidentiality of their passwords, (5) should refrain from illegal activities, and unethical or obscene online (internet) behavior, and (6) should not access pornographic material on the internet.

How to use Acceptable use policy (AUP) in a sentence?

  1. So much IT time and money is wasted simply due to employees not reading, understanding, and ultimately adhering to the company wide acceptable use policy for our network infrastructure.
  2. At my current security job they have posted an acceptable use policy for all security officers at every computer that can access site resources.
  3. The acceptable use policy of the company indicated that only professional uses were allowed on the new piece of technology.

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