Academic Competitive Scholarship

Academic Competitive Scholarship,

Academic Competitive Scholarship: What is the Meaning of Academic Competitive Scholarship?

  • Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit, as indicated by a grade point average, test score, or other measure.

Literal Meanings of Academic Competitive Scholarship


Meanings of Academic:
  1. Professor or academic at a university or college.

  2. Related to education and scholarships.

  3. There is no practical relevance, only ideological interests.

Sentences of Academic
  1. The European Union provides scholarships to scientists for research on approved projects

  2. School success

  3. Debates are mostly scholarly

Synonyms of Academic

woman of letters, teacher, instructional, trainer, scholastic, conjectured, lecturer, notional, fellow, theoretical, tutor, educational, don, speculative, instructor, philosophical, scholar, conjectural, man of letters, putative, highbrow, bluestocking, thinker, educator


Meanings of Competitive:
  1. By ratio or feature of competition.

  2. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

Sentences of Competitive
  1. Competitive sports

  2. The automotive industry is competitive with everyone

Synonyms of Competitive

aggressive, merciless, fierce, ruthless


Meanings of Scholarship:
  1. Universities study at a higher level or with successful apprenticeships.

  2. Scholarships or payments that support a student's education based on academic or other qualifications.

Sentences of Scholarship
  1. Intellectual dishonesty has nothing to do with lack of learning

  2. The team received the Humboldt Scholarship

Synonyms of Scholarship

grant, knowledge, education, academic study, culture, learning, award, erudition, payment, letters, academic achievement, book learning, intellectual attainment, endowment