Definition of Abstract:

  1. A statement about what is involved in an academic or complex writing work is usually summarized by someone other than the author of the work. The abstract is not just to represent the essence of the subject, to emphasize genocide and to maintain its original taste or style. See also summary, summary, plan, accuracy, summary and summary.

  2. See (something) theoretically or differently.

  3. A summary of the contents of a book, article, or formal speech

  4. Containing thoughts or ideas, but without physical or tangible existence.

  5. Make a written summary (of an article or book).

  6. Related to abstract art

  7. Abstract work of art.

  8. Abstract ideas about anything.

  9. Remove (some) or delete.

Synonyms of Abstract

Pick out, Generalized, Prune, Defraud, Philosophical, Abrege, Stained glass window, Abridgment, Unapplied, Throw overboard, Lessen, Deep, Illumination, Impersonal, Swindle, Stencil, Non-pictorial, Abstruse, Color print, Theoretical, Symbolic, Intellectual, Outlaw, Copy, Shoplift, Hypothetic, Clear, Indefinite, Condense, Take away, Extract, Eradicate, Depreciate, Filch, Root out, Compress, Draw, Suck, Unspecified, Disconnect, Engraving, Diptych, Condensed version, Walk off with, Boil down, Precis, Reduce, Clear away, Conjectural, Altarpiece, Outline, Still life, Pollard, Profound, Purloin, Daub, Swipe, Transcendental, Photograph, Elision, Essence, Contract, Recapitulation, Condensation, Mosaic, Dissociate, Armchair, Nip, Expatriate, Synopsis, Shorten, Drain, Summary, Nonspecific, Cast out, Undifferentiated, Clear the decks, Weed out, Take in, Decrease, Impressionistic, Secret, Neutral, Thin, Root up, Bland, Truncation, Cut down, Deduct, Image, Collective, Postulatory, Academic, Retrench, Recap, Impractical, Tap, Deport, Dock, Colorless, Withdraw, Foreshortening, Sketch, Clip, Non-realistic, Shave, Mural, Recapitulation, Syncope, Collage, Moot, Take out, Snatch, Mow, Detract, Conceptual, Abstraction, Extort, Subduct, Subtract, Generic, Condensation, Likeness, Digest, Stunt, Truncate, Non-representational, Pandect, Refine, Cut down, Liquidate, Precis, Print, Sum up, Throw over, Snitch, Triptych, Conceptual, Bob, File away, Condense, Get quit of, Pinch, Synopsis, Survey, Representation, Epitomize, Remove, Pilfer, Academic, Snare, Wall painting, Skeleton, Illustration, Run away with, Bate, Thin out, Abridge, Transcendent, Reduction, Résumé, Lift, Curtail, Abridge, Draft, Chuck, Cyclorama, Elide, Apocope, Featureless, Appropriate, Telescoping, Head, Rubric, Ellipsis, Notional, Uncharacterized, Shorten, Purify, Cut, Ideational, Crop, Strike out, Breviary, Rustle, Synopsize, Eat away, Pump, Write a summary of, Symbolic, Utopian, Derogate, Review, Abridgement, Summarize, Divide, Embezzle, Poker-faced, Abbreviate, Extract, Brief, Arcane, Telescope, Broad, Curtailment, Rub away, Ideal, Undemonstrable, Eliminate, Snub, Capsule, Abstract idea, Vague, Cut short, Remove, Compression, Resume, Abbreviate, Dispose of, Bag, Speculative, Thieve, Hidden, Shortening, Impair, Take, Foreshorten, Indeterminate, Shear, Picture, Retrenchment, Reap, Intellectual, Clear out, Poach, Erode, Thumbnail sketch, Cut back, Eject, Leach, Icon, Reproduction, Tapestry, Unpractical, Summation, Crib, Fresco, Precis, Uncouple, Metaphysical, Summary, Detached, Capsulize, Wide, Overview, Weed, Steal, Get shut of, Theoretical, Diminish, Purge, Topical outline, Epitome, Recondite, Take away, Cut out, Annex, Poll, Panorama, Abate, Shortened version, Nebulous, Hypothetical, Digest, Wear away, Expel, Borrow, Summarize, Compend, Separate, Notional, Disengage, Cop, Cast off, Draw off, Esoteric, Conspectus, Outline, Disinterested, Withdraw, Visionary, Block print, Abbreviation, Scrounge, Get rid of, Disparage, Syllabus, Tableau, Hook, Boost, Exile, Occult, Strike off, Palm, Metaphysical, Part, Make off with, Abbreviature, Cut off short, General, Recapitulate, Trim, Abrade, And, Synopsize, Summation, Take from, Dispassionate, Miniature, Montage, Compress

How to use Abstract in a sentence?

  1. Abstract concepts such as love or beauty.
  2. Indexing personnel and material summaries of online databases
  3. I love abstract art, I love colors and shapes, because they speak to my soul and bring beauty and joy into my life.
  4. Request to draw more water from rivers.
  5. Great summary without frames.
  6. Abstract image that looks like an abstract example.
  7. Summary of his speech.
  8. The summary must contain examples.
  9. Summarizing their historical perspectives on science and religion can lead to anacronism.
  10. Einstein's theory of rela was summarized at the beginning of the semester, but after a few weeks of class, it makes even more sense.
  11. The summary is so concise that scientists have no choice but to buy and read the entire article.

Meaning of Abstract & Abstract Definition


How Do You Define Abstract?

  • Abstract means: A brief summary covering the main points of a written article or research project.

Meanings of Abstract

  1. It consists of thoughts or ideas, but without physical or tangible existence.

  2. Related to abstract art

  3. See (something) theoretically or differently.

  4. Remove or delete (some)

  5. Prepare a written summary (of an article or book)

  6. Abstract theoretical ideas about something.

Sentences of Abstract

  1. An abstract image that looks like an abstract example

  2. Ignoring science and religion in their historical context can lead to disunity

  3. Request to draw more water from rivers

  4. Employees who list and summarize content from an online database

  5. Summary of your keynote address

  6. Great summary without frame

  7. A summary should be provided with examples