Definition of Absorption:

  1. Materials: Process by which a fluid (gas or liquid) is captured and taken in by a solid or liquid material. See also adsorption.

  2. Accounting: Integration of an account (called absorption account) into related accounts in preparation of a financial statement.

  3. Economics: Total expenditure by a countrys households, businesses, and government on goods and services. Current account deficit (or surplus) occurs when a countrys GDP exceeds (or falls below) its absorption level.

  4. Securities: Sale of an entire issue of securities by its underwriters. See also assimilation.

  5. The fact or state of being engrossed in something.

  6. Management: Integration of change and innovation into an organizations culture and operations.

  7. The process or action by which one thing absorbs or is absorbed by another.

Synonyms of Absorption

Incorporation, Assimilation, Integration, Appropriation, Taking in, Subsuming, Inclusion, Co-opting, Swallowing up, Immersion, Intentness, Raptness, Involvement, Engrossment, Occupation, Engagement, Preoccupation, Captivation, Monopolization, Walter Mitty, Ablation, Absence of mind, Absentmindedness, Absorbed attention, Absorbency, Absorbent, Abstractedness, Abstraction, Adsorbent, Adsorption, Application, Assimilation, Attrition, Bemusement, Bile, Blotter, Blotting, Blotting paper, Brown study, Burning up, Castle-building, Chemisorption, Chemosorption, Close study, Concentration, Consumption, Contemplation, Contemplativeness, Daydream, Daydreamer, Daydreaming, Deep study, Deep thought, Depletion, Depth of thought, Digestion, Digestive system, Drain, Dream, Dreaming, Eating up, Embarrassment, Endosmosis, Engagement, Engrossment, Enmeshment, Entanglement, Erosion, Exhaustion, Exosmosis, Expending, Expenditure, Fantasy, Fantasying, Finishing, Fit of abstraction, Gastric juice, Gastrointestinal tract, Imbibing, Immersion, Implication, Impoverishment, Inclusion, Infiltration, Ingestion, Intentness, Intestinal juice, Involution, Involvement, Liver, Meditation, Melancholy, Monomania, Mooning, Moonraking, Muse, Musefulness, Musing, Muted ecstasy, Obsession, Osmosis, Pancreas, Pancreatic digestion, Pancreatic juice, Pensiveness, Percolation, Pipe dream, Pipe-dreaming, Predigestion, Preoccupation, Profound thought, Rapt attention, Reflectiveness, Relation, Reverie, Saliva, Salivary digestion, Salivary glands, Secondary digestion, Seepage, Single-mindedness, Soaking-up, Sorption, Speculativeness, Spending, Sponge, Sponging, Squandering, Stargazing, Studiousness, Study, Submersion, Taking-in, Thoughtfulness, Trance, Using up, Wastage, Waste, Wastefulness, Wasting away, Wearing away, Wearing down, Wistfulness, Woolgathering

How to use Absorption in a sentence?

  1. When you are budgeting for your business you need to set up a reasonable absorption level for your future costs.
  2. Absorption occurred when I placed the towel on the puddle on the ground. The properties of the textile or soft cotton were able to soak up any liquid.
  3. We are working hard to get used to the absorption of our rival company but some of their employees are hostile towards our workforce.
  4. Shock absorption.
  5. Her absorption in the problems of the Third World.

Meaning of Absorption & Absorption Definition