Absolute Return

Absolute Return,

How To Define Absolute Return?

  • The definition of Absolute Return is: The absolute rate of return is the rate of return that an asset will generate over a period of time. This metric examines the increase or decrease in value, which is expressed as a percentage, that the asset, such as stocks or mutual funds, has created from time to time. Absolute returns are relatively different from profits because they relate to the performance of a particular asset and are not compared to other metrics or benchmarks.

    • The absolute rate of return is the rate of return that an asset will generate over a period of time.
    • Returns can be positive or negative and can be seen as independent of other market activities.

Literal Meanings of Absolute Return


Meanings of Absolute:
  1. A value or principle that is considered universally applicable or independent of other things.

  2. Definitely not rated

  3. Freely seen or present and not related to anything else that is not related or comparable

  4. (Of a construction) is seriously independent of the rest of the sentence, e.g.

Sentences of Absolute
  1. The good and the bad are summarized.

  2. Absolute secret

  3. Absolute moral standards

  4. We leave the table after dinner

Synonyms of Absolute

fixed, entire, outright, absolutist, utter, universal, decided, complete, non-relative, out-and-out, independent, non-variable, pure, perfect, total


Meanings of Return:
  1. To come or return to a place or person.

  2. Giving, keeping or giving back (something) to a place or someone.

  3. Return or accept (win)

  4. (Selector) Select (a person or party) for the office.

  5. Keep changing the direction (of the wall), especially at right angles.

  6. Walking or returning to a place or activity.

  7. Profit from an investment

  8. An official report or statement was sent in response to the formal request

Sentences of Return
  1. Return to Canada in the fall

  2. Fill out the registration form and send it to this address

  3. The company reported a profit of 4. 3.3 million

  4. Democrats sent him back to the third district

  5. Celebrate your safe return from war

  6. Product areas continue to grow for maximum profit.

  7. Census results

Synonyms of Return

income, vote in, journal, pick, register, returns, data, account, statement, diary, homecoming, information, arrive home, come back, profit, earn, file, dividend, travel back, record, hand back, opt for, bring in, come again, write-up