Definition of Abroad:

  1. A foreign geographic region or area, relative to the current location (or home country) of a person or object. This term especially applies to being overseas on a different continent. For example, United States business travelers often say that they are traveling abroad to China but would rarely say they are traveling abroad to Canada.

Synonyms of Abroad

Abashed, Aberrant, Adrift, Afield, Alfresco, All abroad, All off, All wrong, Amiss, Askew, Astray, At fault, At large, At sea, Away, Away from home, Awry, Beside the mark, Bewildered, Beyond seas, Bothered, Broadly, Clear, Clueless, Confused, Corrupt, Deceptive, Defective, Delusive, Deviant, Deviational, Deviative, Discomposed, Disconcerted, Dismayed, Disoriented, Distantly and broadly, Distorted, Distracted, Distraught, Disturbed, Embarrassed, En plein air, Errant, Erring, Erroneous, Everywhere, Extensively, Fallacious, False, Far afield, Far and near, Far and wide, Faultful, Faulty, Flawed, Guessing, Heretical, Heterodox, Illogical, Illusory, In a fix, In a maze, In a pickle, In a scrape, In a stew, In foreign parts, In the open, Infinitely, Lost, Mazed, Nonresident, Not in residence, Not right, Not true, Off, Off the track, On all sides, On every side, On leave, On sabbatical leave, On the road, On tour, Out, Out of doors, Outdoors, Outside, Oversea, Overseas, Peccant, Perturbed, Perverse, Perverted, Publicly, Put-out, Right and left, Self-contradictory, Straying, Turned around, Unfactual, Unorthodox, Unproved, Untrue, Upset, Vastly, Wide, Widely, Without a clue, Wrong

Meaning of Abroad & Abroad Definition