Above the line

Above the line,

Definition of Above the line:

  1. Accounting: Used to characterize income and expenses in the general business curriculum that affect profits (financial results), but not business capital.

  2. Advertising: Used to show advertisements in print, radio, and television that receive commissions from advertising agencies that rent advertising space and broadcast time from consumers. See also next line.

  3. Labeled or related to advertising in the media.

  4. Displays bonus points and penalty points that do not count towards the game.

  5. This refers to the amount spent on current expenses.

How to use Above the line in a sentence?

  1. Because advertising costs do not exceed the limit, every dollar available for marketing purposes is used for point-of-sale promotion.
  2. More than 75 75 million online fees for property cancellation and cancellation

Meaning of Above the line & Above the line Definition