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Life style is a style that shows, the way a person leads his life. Life style is different from person to person, people In same category may have different life style. Some basic things might be same but it varies surprisingly. Can yoga help you lose weight depends upon habbits . Life style allows you to do the things according to your willingness, your consumption level, your urges , your choices.
Here below we will discuss it with different prospectives.

Different life styles

We will discuss one by one each of them.

Native life style

In such life style you live simple. With few facilities to use. No wish of meterialastic things limited resources and monotonous life. Such kind of life people of Amazon are leading from centuries.

Religious life style

This life style is adoption of pious people of any religion. Their home looks and living ways are according to their religion. In case of Muslim they
Offer prayers, recite Holy Quran, go to masjids. If we observe sikhs they go to their religious place gordwara, bow before their pious people read their holy books. Christians adopt religious life style, they make their house like churches. Nuns Wear white color., Their dressings, thinking, eating habbits all depicts their religious life style.

Modern life style

In modern life style all kind of facilities and machinery, here it must be kept in view that we are talking about facilities not luxuries. Facilities make your life easier. So in such life style, your dressing, your conveyance, your gadgets is highly effected by theses factors.

Urban life style

Urban life style is the way of living life in which areas that are mostly populated.huge buildings with public works programs.cab services are also available.internet.electricity ,gas , kitchen also facilitated by all necessary kitchen equipments. In urban life style people have limited time as more than one job is common. Weekends are full of hussle and bussel. People prefer going out in public places instead of visit relatives.

Rural lifestyle

In such kind of life style people live in countryside areas with limited basic facilities, mostly their educational facilities are rare. People oftenly visits their relatives and celebrate events and occasions with zest and zeal. Roads are not proper. Fields and greenary is common. People use to buy fresh things. Simplicity in clothing. Transportation is rare in far flung areas.

Immigrant’s life style

Such life style adopted by people who migrate from village to city or move from one country to other. Whenever they move from other place. They adopt life style with less available facilities. Because they gradually get things. This kind of life style is temporary rather exist.

Gypsies lifestyle

Gypsies are those people who move one place temporarily ,those person or tribe that move time to time along with availability of place and water. They live simple life and and wear awkward dresses to look attention seeker, beggers are also included in it. They don’t get education yet they are skilled. They live in tants or sometime work in daily wage.

Luxurious life style

This lifestyle is adopted by rich ones or celebrities live such kind of life style . They attain each and every luxury of life.Diversty to earn more.with consciousness of diet plans.Healthy life style is their first priority.Organic things they use to feel they are special.

Factors that determine the lifestyle

There are certain factors that determine the lifestyle of different group of people residing. Here we will discuss them one by one


Habbits determine your life style for instance if you are isolation lover person then your this habbit will lead you to gain such space where you can live freely. And if you’re fond of reading books your study room depict your life with books.

Consumption pattern

If you are in level in which consumption is high you may have life style better than others from your income group. Because you will prefer your dressing should be unique. Your food likeness should be special,Your apartment depicts about your high class living.

Income level

Income level determines your life style. If your income is high, you are more intented to make your life style higher than others.

Your residence

Area where you live shows a typical mentality. If you are living in high societies you might be influenced by their life style and adopt this.

Your peer group

Peer group is your meet and greet people. If life style of your peer group is high you will be difinitly influenced by their living and thinking.

Your opportunities

If in life you find opportunities to live better life you will definitely attain this. And you will work to gain the fruits of such facilities.

Maintenance of life style

To maintain a certain life style is difficult. All social and economical activities are result of this. No one wants to reverse his ordinary living. that’s why everyone is in struggle of this.

Which lifestyle is preferable… a debate

After discussing all the life styles, we conclude the life style with balance of all things either they or relevant to food. Clothing., Facilities, housing, education, recreation. So make your life easy.
Live simple think simple

  • What is lifestyle blogging???
    Lifestyle blog matters because it motivates us to do better things, new things those we don’t know. Lifestyle is a way of living in which include all aspects of life. It is also a source of positive vibe. People who love to read about culture ,art, decor , mental health etc etc are the audience of this forum. Its a great platform to know about others experiences and their stories of success , hardship , love etc etc …
  • How exactly is this different than the other categories we already have?
    Its different because it contains wide range of subcategories I already explained above.

What should topics in this category generally contain?
There are numberless topics are there which are part of lifestyle blogging for example

  1. things you probably don’t know about me post
  2. Share your top 10 favorite movies
  3. Travel bucket list
  4. Travel essentials
  5. How to properly pack a suitcase
  6. Favorite childhood memory
  7. An interview with someone you admire
  8. [Inspirational quotes]
  9. Outfit of the day post
  10. [Recipe post]
  11. Share a few embarrassing stories with your readers
  12. Favorite restaurants
  13. Friday favorites post where you link to your favorite articles/sites from that week
  14. 10 things I can’t live without post.
  • Do we need this category? Can we merge with another category, or subcategory?
    We need this category as a main category and another subcategories should the part of this central heading.