Definition of Abort:

  1. An act of aborting a flight, space mission, or other enterprise.

  2. Bring to a premature end because of a problem or fault.

  3. Abnormal termination or cancellation of a computer program (or a computing session) which results in irretrievable loss of unsaved data and may require a reboot of the system. Abortion may be (1) intentional where the user cannot reach a satisfactory conclusion of a process and needs to start over, (2) initiated by the operating system itself (see system crash), or (3) caused by a power failure. See also ABEND.

  4. Carry out or undergo the abortion of (a fetus).

Synonyms of Abort

Terminate, End, Abandon, Belay, Cancel, Cease, Close, Conclude, Cut it out, Desist, Determine, Discontinue, Drop it, End, Finish, Finish up, Give over, Go amiss, Go astray, Go wrong, Halt, Have done with, Hold, Knock it off, Lay off, Leave off, Miscarry, Perorate, Quit, Refrain, Relinquish, Renounce, Resolve, Scrap, Scratch, Scrub, Stay, Stop, Terminate, Wind up, Halt, Stop, End, Call off, Cut short, Discontinue, Terminate, Arrest, Suspend, Check, Nullify

How to use Abort in a sentence?

  1. The decision to abort the fetus.
  2. The pilot aborted his landing.

Meaning of Abort & Abort Definition