Definition of Able:

  1. Party capable of meeting its obligation(s) under a contract, as in the phrase ready, willing, and able..

  2. Having considerable skill, proficiency, or intelligence.

  3. Having the power, skill, means, or opportunity to do something.

Synonyms of Able

Adapted, Adequate, Adjusted, Alert, Au fait, Brainy, Brilliant, Capable, Checked out, Clever, Competent, Effective, Effectual, Efficacious, Efficient, Enigmatic, Enterprising, Equal to, Expert, Fit, Fitted, Fitted for, Go-ahead, Good, Incalculable, Incognizable, Intelligent, Journeyman, Keen, Mysterious, Productive, Proficient, Proper, Puzzling, Qualified, Sealed, Sharp, Skilled, Skillful, Smart, Strange, Suited, Unapparent, Unapprehended, Unascertained, Unbeknown, Uncharted, Unclassified, Undisclosed, Undiscoverable, Undiscovered, Undivulged, Unexplained, Unexplored, Unexposed, Unfamiliar, Unfathomed, Unheard, Unheard-of, Unidentified, Uninvestigated, Unknowable, Unknown, Unperceived, Unplumbed, Unrevealed, Unsuspected, Untouched, Up to, Up to snuff, Up-and-coming, Virgin, Well-fitted, Well-qualified, Well-suited, Wicked, Worthy, Allowed to, Free to, In a position to, Intelligent, Clever, Brilliant, Talented, Skilful, Skilled, Accomplished, Gifted, Masterly, Virtuoso, Expert

How to use Able in a sentence?

  1. He was able to read Greek at the age of eight.
  2. The dancers were technically very able.

Meaning of Able & Able Definition

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