Definition of Abeyance:

  1. Describes the legal status of real estate titles when lawful ownership of the property is in question and is being determined.

Synonyms of Abeyance

Abandonment, Abjuration, Abjurement, Apathy, Break, Caesura, Catalepsy, Catatonia, Cease-fire, Cessation, Cold storage, Day off, Deadliness, Deathliness, Desistance, Discontinuance, Doldrums, Dormancy, Drop, Entropy, Forbearance, Hesitation, Holiday, Indifference, Indolence, Inertia, Inertness, Interim, Interlude, Intermezzo, Intermission, Intermittence, Interruption, Interval, Languor, Lapse, Latency, Layoff, Letup, Lotus-eating, Lull, Nonexercise, Passiveness, Passivity, Pause, Quiescence, Quiescency, Recess, Relinquishment, Remission, Renouncement, Renunciation, Resignation, Respite, Rest, Stagnancy, Stagnation, Stand-down, Stasis, Stay, Suspense, Suspension, Torpor, Truce, Vacation, Vegetation, Vis inertiae, Waiver

Meaning of Abeyance & Abeyance Definition