ABA routing number

ABA routing number,

Definition of ABA routing number:

  1. A unique code present on a check assigned by the American Bankers Association (ABA) that identifies a particular bank or finance institution issuing the check. This code is primarily used by US-based financial institutions, who own accounts at the Federal Reserve Bank, to process check transactions including deposits and clearances. For example, Bank of America in Northern California is assigned the number 121000358 in case of any paper check transactions. Also called check routing number, ABA number.

How to use ABA routing number in a sentence?

  1. If you want to receive a transfer at the bank you should be sure to bring your aba routing number with you.
  2. When she was employed by AAA Manufacturing, direct deposit was the only procedure practiced by the accounting department, so she provided a voided check which displays the ABA routing number for her bank.
  3. The direct deposit form needed the ABA routing number to be included in order to have the employee receive direct deposit.

Meaning of ABA routing number & ABA routing number Definition