Aaa Battery Service

Aaa Battery Service

Am I being removed from AAA battery service?

For the first time, Lee disappointed me. The stress test barely says the battery is OK. A bad battery usually has a lot of crush current but its capacity is small. A better test is to monitor the load current. If the battery only draws 10 MPS for one hour then the charger turns off, which is a bad thing. The amount of charge required is approximately equal to how much is off.

I think your battery is 90% bad. Each time you do this, the energy returns less than before. Eventually it will not be re-adopted.

AAA came out a few days ago and replaced my battery. I don't know where to get a $ 78 battery, I paid 4 134. It costs 134 and comes with a 3-year warranty. In my experience, the battery will last 57 years or a year, so a three-year warranty works fine. Also, the AAA technician dispensed the battery and gave me the option to get another one. I already have an ED battery and $ 134 isn't bad. I'm not sure the battery will last long, but I don't need to believe. If that fails, I'll buy a new AAA battery. Anyway, I don't think you're being stupid.

if you can! Storing AAA batteries is a joke. We were on a cruise and stayed there for a month. He accidentally turned on the internal light and disconnected the battery. AAA came up with the correct diagnosis of the problem as bad battery. He sold me AAA batteries and I installed them. I pressed that it was fine. Less than two weeks later, the car did not stop for a few days. AAA will not replace batteries after diagnosing a faulty battery. He says there must be something wrong with the car. The car was taken to the dealership, we went through all kinds of electrical and mechanical tests for about a week. The only problem is the bad battery. AAA battery service! They sold me and installed a pie battery and they didn't fix it! Anyone who uses it for anything other than pulling, jumping or jumping out of the water will ruin it.

As always, a lot of skepticism. I would like to thank AAA. Did they come late to help you drive and you still complain that it was stolen? Help. What are your other options? Does the car need an SP? Did you find and install the battery yourself? It takes a long time to charge the battery properly. You are in favor of replacing the battery, although it is still fine as it will take a long time to charge. Do you have a charger? no? Well, it helps you. Call her and say thank you. And that's great. (Deductions may be higher and may not reach you) I charge higher fees because I do not have a club, but you do not pay tuition fees. The battery lasts an average of 3 years. To properly test the battery, you need to charge it or you can use a very accurate electronic R. But the best method is a stress test and a specific weight test. People learn to be grateful when someone comes to you or comes to your aid. Don't be too mean. To find out more, they are very critical of you. The world of service is tough and the worst part is when we don't even get a big thank you.

The best cost-benefit ratio is to avoid roadside maintenance and move the vehicle to a place where the battery can be better replaced. Once you know the same battery capacity and no charging issues, you know the car will be there. And for a battery with a 36-month warranty, $ 115 is a hit.

"I can't do a better deal on the drums right now and I need it for my morning work," he said. The battery may not be bad, but it's not good enough or it will meet your expectations of thirsty cars. This is probably the least fraud you will find in these situations.

Well, smell ... they don't deceive you. Some of you are rude when you comment. My daughter ... the car battery at my store is between $ 179 and $ 217. I'm definitely thinking about going through AAA. But after hearing the story of the Rays and the Scots ... I don't think so. No matter how good the AAA discount is, there is always a problem with cheap products ... even if you think it's good. AAA is not a battery maker, so I think all batteries will be recycled. In other words ... we remember we made a mistake. If not, they are cheating you ... unless your battery works after you sell it. And you don't have to thank them for anything. Are you thankful for your annual payment or for the extra money you will have to pay after 4 or 5 visits? No ... but it's always okay to be polite with respect ... but Jenny ... calm down, do it. You get paid to get out of bed and run your own business. Stop if you're having trouble! Anything that serves means they don't serve you ... they work. There are a lot of discount kids out there. From petrol to clothes. Everything is a business and you pay your salary.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

I have a 78 in my car, which costs 108 BS at a large auto parts store (with 2 years of unwanted warranty). I have to explode when there is a battery, pick it up and check it in the parts warehouse, you will guarantee / install it yourself. They pay AAA regardless of the cost of the battery (maybe 130 max) and come to you, insert the battery and get a 3 year free warranty in which they go, test and practice Wear No, the new taste is not good. So you get a 3 year pro rata, during which you get a discount. Check to see if your local service provider can do this for you.

You know where your 20 BS is going.

Aaa Battery Service

Aaa Battery Service

If you hire me and work the next day you will not be returned! You just paid someone to bring you a battery from a parts store. A good battery is around $ 75.00 today ... and is anyone going to take it out and plug it in? You weren't fooled ... you got me and that's fine. By my standards now if your trunk had about. 20.00 of auxiliary wires everyone could sit in your car and the battery could still handle it, but you got me and that's all that matters.

Aaa Battery Service