Açai Engorda

Açai Engorda

You are fat

At first glance, the honey is a purple fish, almost black. Who has never been able to prove that he can cover his ugly face or see a cup of cream of action. However, with rare exceptions, just pull the trigger to get the first impression out of hand.

There can be no creamy steel or delicious food in the bowl, except for two Wissa Davis, not a congenital ear.

Nà a aa, a of the of the of the of of the of the of of the of of the of of the of of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of Tons of pulp will be launched for sale. The fruit, which can be seen in the frozen bars of the north, is beaten, not melted, eaten with the ingredients of a small cave and another spoon, in a bowl.

Well, the taste of this porridge can be debated, but what it has achieved is only part of a straight line of energy-boosting health properties or even recognized by its own nutritionists. Or an energyaÃÂ would be a great combination of energy and vitamins.

Everyone comes to Rio de Janeiro, goes to Baraca do Pepe, or is the center of the event. Athletes, Marombiers and Surfers spoil the red paste with the logo Gorana and possibly Babana or other fruit pieces. After that, he graduated as Academy Aestica and later as Road, Bar and Lincolnets. The fruit that no one knows about, the original shape resembles coffee gravy and certainly introduces the eating habits of two young people straight from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Embossed logo, meeting point of two cities around the bowl, "seasonal" - with muesli and pa wine plates, always very, very cold, like ice cream. An option, but a little juice, like applying cream in a bowl.

Those who hope that Anna Bara and Serosa will not bear fruit may even be disappointed that attaining a taste or action like faith is not inevitable or nearly impossible. You arrive here in the form of frozen pulp. More or more natural creams produce fruit mixed with water, not cultivated, and the victors first peeled its seeds with censored wheat grapes and peeled its consistency.

I like that there are people who do sermons for Mr. A already in the first round or spoon, there are others who swear they will never repeat a single dose. Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it's something known in advance. This trend gives more flavor. And vice versa.

More Attention: Steel Neocetine makes sitting fatter, NO or just thicker than athletes.

Each 100 grams of fruit pulp contains 247 calories. Once a cup weighs 500 grams, yes, 1,235 calories for pears, not to mention granola flakes with fruit and honey, it's just another sweet garnish syrup that adds energy in disguise. In other words, emma cream has calories.

It should only be used in moderation, as I do not want to take in fat, as Jose Paulo de Oliveira has suggested. It makes sense that either process is not just calories. Its composition includes protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, B vitamins and vitamin C which are energetic.

Ideal way to use nutritionist Simon Jablonka or energy sources, limit unbalanced consumption to 50 grams. And, even in nature, it is mixed in water without sugar, honey or guarani syrup. Get empty calories, metal hair piles, fat.

Not as a national fruit, meaning it can provide health benefits. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Açai Engorda

Açai Engorda

I live in Char Bar, a small town for my first answer points and may God bless you.

Um, of course, 400 grams contains about 700 calories.

Where to use in whole food!

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Sim is too thick !!

I have to get fat all day

Really too much, too much in calories!

It actually gives fat to all foods, calories with acidity or with too many calories. Lots of calories for ener energetic foods, © پیدا for those who follow it, our weight. The epithelium used in the calculation of is required, is generated to report as energy.


Açai Engorda