A Seleção Ordem

A Seleção Ordem

In what order should I order the selection?

First Selection, then Principal A Elite and then A, which unfortunately is published for free in other e-books (:

A Seleção Ordem

A Seleção Ordem

1 choice

2 elites

3 after selection

Heir of the 4th

5 in the crown

Number of dials:

As soon as possible (free)

Or save (free)

the rain



Selection diary

Without the stories (Prince, Guardian, Queen and Di Favita), this order:


An elite

A company

After the heir

After Krona

1 ° = an option ÃÂ

2. = An elite

3. = Follow

4 ° = heir

And 5 ° = crown (published in May 2016)

1st choice

2. Elite

3. School

The fourth heir

The fifth tree

Forever 6 gatherings

Author Cara C.

Serious events are: Selection, Elite, Choice, Heir.

And there are the books of the Prince, the Guard and the Queen.

Before everyone reads, don't have any other optional trouble for the book lovers bomb series in which I read that I am a selection reader I like 1 - Selection 2 ~ Elite

Selection, Elite and Saliya before choosing or choosing a partner ... Yes. compulsory

A Seleção Ordem

A Seleção Ordem

I am physical:


An elite

A Seleção Ordem