A priori

A priori,

Definition of A priori:

  1. Conclusion or judgment based on deduction, a hypothesis based on conclusions or judgments previously assumed. Latin for, from what comes before. See also a posteriori.

  2. In a way based on theoretical deduction rather than empirical observation.

  3. Relating to or denoting reasoning or knowledge which proceeds from theoretical deduction rather than from observation or experience.

Synonyms of A priori

Theoretically, From theory, Deductively, Scientifically, Theoretical, Deduced, Deductive, Inferred, Scientific, A fortiori, A posteriori, Analytic, Back, Backward, Categorical, Conditional, Deducible, Deductive, Derivable, Dialectic, Discursive, Dogmatic, Early, Enthymematic, Epagogic, Ex post facto, Hypothetical, Inductive, Inferential, Into the past, Maieutic, Reasoned, Retroactive, Retrospective, Soritical, Syllogistic, Synthetic

How to use A priori in a sentence?

  1. Sexuality may be a factor but it cannot be assumed a priori.
  2. A priori assumptions about human nature.

Meaning of A priori & A priori Definition