A Guide to Men's Shoe Color Combinations

People say that don’t judge a book by its cover but when you go out, everyone first judges you by your outfit, and next comes your footwear. Picking the right footwear and the right color may not seem a big deal but when it comes to pulling off an ensemble, the devil is in the detail.

The footwear selection is becoming less rigid nowadays. People can wear oxfords with jeans and trainers with a suit. Pulling off wither is possible only with the right choice of colors. If you get the colors wrong you might end up looking like a car salesman on a night out. If you are a novice in wearing the shoe, this guide is to help you with the right shoe color combination.

Basic shoe color rules

If you are a novice, here are some basic rules to help you select the ideal shoe for each and every outfit.

  • Block colored shoes look smarter than multi-colored shoes
  • Darker shades of shoes look great and smart than lighter shades
  • The smartness is also governed by decoration and shade. For instance, black derbies look smarter than tanned ones while chocolate oxford looks refined than both.
  • The oxford shoes have to be handled with care and it doesn’t go well with everything in your wardrobe, unlike trainers.
  • The color of the shoes doesn’t matter if the shoes are scuffed. Keep the shoes in good if you own a wilder option.
  • If you are wearing bright shoes such as joggers for men, match them with a neutral outfit on the top.

Now let us jump straight into the shoe color combinations that you can wear without inviting any stares of judgment.

Black shoes

No matter what the vent, black shoes always remain to be the smartest choice. One of the most dressed up shoes one can have in their wardrobe is the black oxford shoes. But you can wear the black oxford shoes only with a limited range of outfits. You can wear them perfectly with a black blazer but when you wear oxford shoes with jeans you will look like a street magician. For pulling off the oxford shoe style, your go-to color must be black from top to bottom.

Casual trousers are trickier to dress in black shoes. If you want to wear chinos in brown spectrum with black shoes, stick to less formal styles. A derby shoe or men’s sports shoes looks great with casual outfits than oxford as it is more chunky and relaxed.

If you are heading to the beach in shorts then stay away from black shoes as it might make you look like you are wearing a school uniform.

Brown shoes

Brown shoes are the most forgiving shades in the smart shoe range. The brown shoes have various ranges of colors and it has something for every situation. You can find a pair of shoes for the bar and the smartest office shoes. The brown shoes look less stuffy and add some personality with any outfit other than a black suit or tuxedo. The lighter the shade, the more relaxed it looks. A pair of brown brogues look less formal than a pair of oxfords in the same shade.

No matter what shade of chino you are wearing, brown should be your go-to color. Make sure that if you are wearing brown chino, don’t match the shade. The shoe and the chino should at least be two shades different. Darker brown shoes look great with indigo or denim pants and it also looks great with washed-out shades. If you want to go casual, go for a pair of Chelsea boots.

Oxblood shoes

Though, oxblood can act as a neutral but works more like the brown shoes but with added boldness. The oxblood shapes add an ounce of personality to whatever you wear. The oxblood shoes are the perfect choice to make a statement. The oxblood shoes can be pulled off easily when you are dressing down. The oxblood shoes are great choices for workwear and wedding outfits.

Blue shoes

The blue shoes don’t make a great choice for formal outfits. Though it is a neutral shade, the shiny shades can become trickier. When you step into the casual zone, the blue shoes are easy to style and add some personal touch to the outfit. Texture leather such as nubuck works wonders in the navy. It can add some unexpected pop of colors to a black outfit. Suede is also a choice to pull-off the casual look. The raised nap of the suede adds depth to the outfit and makes the blue shoes a show-stealer.

The blue brogues work great with any suit color except black. The same rule applies to chinos too. Desert boots and chukka boots in navy look great with jeans. Though they are rugged, both make a smart choice for casual events.

Bottom line

The shoe colors don’t end here. There are tons of other shades such as tan, white trainers, and more. Stock your wardrobe with a few best pieces to complete any ensemble.