A Fim Ou Afim

A Fim Ou Afim

Movie or something like that? When we go from old man to kiss, year and master, we say Affine or .....

the film?

For example.

It makes him happy.

o: I'm in it.

Teacher, help me because I forgot these details.

Kiss everyone and have a great Thursday!


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Web, my love ... I'm so excited to be with you and like a drum. Ixi ... ac is all embolism. Ah ah ah

Hear more voices or the soul of the thing, was it born? ہاہاہاہا

Kiss of love !!

In order, expression is an expression or meaning, destiny. Or the case of Sido, likewise, suggests similarities between adjectives and flasks.


In a word, corresponds to society's equivalent or father: like souls, like words or father-in-law;

Example: He had no such relationship with his daughter-in-law.


Suitable for couples.

For example: surrendering or serving.

Be at the end of

There is no sense of being a comrade, it can only be expressed in colloquial writings or definitions.

Example: At the end of the hat drop.

O my dear friend!

Mr. Pagan, I answered correctly.

Affin © © a is an adjective and means the same thing.

Check out AFFINITY ideas.


There are people who share the same views.

This was not the way they behaved during the work.

* Note that affine (adjective) may be flexio or not.

An end appears at the location or side end (begins and ends with the end) and its meaning indicates the identification of the purpose.


He tried and proved that he has the ability to humiliate the work of the Order of Deception.

* Note that Location or Impossible Conjunctive Flex is not a multiplier or a gun if it were or would be.

Kisses for you and poison for you.

Or Mr. Pagani said it all.

But i love you

Electronic voice?

Okay fine?


Favorite. Or friend M. Pagan, you have already answered.

Beijing for you.

Relevant partners

Or my aunt's husband - my parents. Related to society and blood number.

But I'm taking some deer. Do you want to go together lol

Affine; the same, the same, the same.

Movie - with Wade D.

Can i hear

have nice day

Caramel skin .........

A Fim Ou Afim