9 Types of Underwear Every Guy Should Own

It is undeniable that women can select different kinds of underwear. Accordingly, many people would be shocked, but there are different kinds of underwear for men as well. These include large pouch underwear, boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, thongs, and athletic underwear for men.

Learn more below for a thorough description of what kind of underwear anyone gets.


Nearly everybody has a couple of briefs that cover the upper legs before the back of your tail. They can be worn under any outfit and they come in different styles and upliftments. For eg, low-level briefs will give you a covering under your waist whilst the middle-level briefs have a tailband on your waist.

On the other side, your beloved handles can be covered up with full rise briefs and give you a smoother look. Well, you have to buy briefs from one of the best men’s underwear designer companies like UFM men’s underwear for better comfort.

Boxer Shorts

Boxers are ideal for those who have breathable comfort rather than the protection provided by the underwear. Boxers are also suitable for being worn under pajamas or trousers overnight. The majority of boxers are on an open fly or outbound route.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are often referred to as trunks as a mix of boxer shorts and briefs. This kind of underwear lies high on your tail, covering half your thighs and offering maximum protection. They can also be likened with a snug fit to boxer shorts. A couple of boxers’ shortcuts are better found beneath your jeans but also in training wear.


Thongs almost don’t cover much, but these kinds of clothes are trendy so you won’t have to think about obvious wear lines while wearing one. Yeah, people should even wear thongs, and this is a very unbelievable aspect of minimalism. Indeed, men may wear a G-string or a larger T-shaped thong. The previous have just a cord on the main cloth, which is just a waistband, while the latter has a wider waistband, which has more front covers.


A jockstrap is a must-have for men in vigorous sports. This style of underwear has a special function since the front pouch offers optimum protection for athletes. In this pouch, cups can be also inserted to avoid injury to the penis and testis when riding or other extreme sporting events.


A thong is much like a G-string, except the waistbands are a little tighter. Nevertheless, a thong also promises substantial frontal protection and coverage. It’s better used for slack or dress up so the obvious underwear lines are removed.


Mankinis are only men’s bikinis. Often these are worn by men who intend to get further tanned during sunbathing. It has more tissue than G-streams and this type of underwear is most commonly provided with a sling reaching towards the throat.

Choose The Best For Your Body

In addition to having a pair of each underwear for various reasons described above, invest in a couple more underwear, which suits you perfectly according to your body style.