64 Audio A12t First Tubeless In Ear Earphone For Musician

64 Audio is a company based in the US and it focuses on manufacturing custom & universal in-ear monitors. Moreover, they have been into making studio/live belt packs. Furthermore, 64 Audio was originally known as 1964 Ears & later it was renamed 64 Audio. It’s a company of the Belonozhko brothers and they manage various departments. Additionally, this is among the few companies which bring out one tech after another. The technologies include Tubeless In-ear Audio (TIA), Air-Pressure Exchange (APEX) & Linear Impedance Design (LID). All this is found in their custom in-ear earphones.

64 Audio A12t is among the earphones made by 64 audio. This is an ultimate in-ear monitor that is suitable for in the studio or professional onstage. Below is a full detailed review of A12t.


  • Has big single bore for simple maintenance

  • Comes with an open-balanced armature driver design

  • Features an apex that relieves air pressure

  • Has a custom in-ear monitor that offers an amazing isolation

  • Offers strong sub-bass and clean-bass response


  • Slightly lacking at the upper-mids presence

Design features

A12t are in-ear monitor earphones. They are best as in-ear monitors and suitable for professionals in the studio or onstage use. A12t is made with quality material which matches its cost. It doesn’t go inexpensive on anything. Furthermore, they are built in a perfect shape that offers perfect fitting. Additionally, it also has no single sharp-corner at the shells. Moreover, its faceplates are perfectly finished minus any glue signs thus none of the parts attaches to the shell nor close to 2-pin sockets.

Sound performance

A12t offers immense transparency, Tia treble & a massive audio stage. Furthermore, the Tia system is made of 3 major elements which include open-balanced armature Tia drivers. This headset has a Tia single-bore design with Tia acoustic-chambers. Additionally, the open balanced armature driver design offers a realistic resolution & transparency. Moreover, by opening a balanced-armature, the diaphragm gets fully unobstructed, subtracting resonance at the IEM & allows audio to travel naturally in one’s ear.

Tia Single-Bore

This is a huge improvement in reducing undesirable tube resonance. Additionally, the large-bore itself operates as a sound-shaping chamber. This helps Tia high-driver in offering a linear & coherent frequency-response. Its short audio path offers an amazing high-frequency extension plus smoothness. Furthermore, this big single bore enables simple maintenance. Drivers are guarded by an aluminum mesh which prevents ear-wax or debris from falling in.


Air Pressure Exchange or Apex, is a pneumatically collaborative vent that relieves air pressure from sealed ear-canal. Furthermore, Apex comes in 2-variations that includes m20 (-20dB) and m15 (-15dB). When one seals a small speaker in one’s ear canal, the air that’s inside gets trapped. Furthermore, the Apex releases this air-pressure which allows the eardrum to be free. With this, you will have a comfortable listening minus fatigue.

Moreover, the free-moving air outspreads the soundstage & offers a natural listening experience. Additionally, it also helps in preserving bass frequencies. With this, the listeners will easily distinguish between the individual instruments offering you an extended sound stage.

The custom in-ear monitors offer amazing isolation. It also assists in helping one hear the mix extra clear & at a low volume compared to wedge earbuds or monitors. Additionally, Apex reduces decibel levels as it preserves audio clarity around you. Thus, artists on stage will connect with an audience as their hearing is protected.


Linear Impedance Design (LID) allows consistent and reliable audio irrespective of the source. Additionally, it has a proprietary circuit that corrects the non-linear impedances of drivers. This helps in restoring suitable interaction with the source & preserves the desired audio signature.

With LID, IEMs will offer you a preferred audio signature consistently on the diversity of gear at various studios/gigs or an audiophile listening on a low-impedance source. Furthermore, this model is used with more variety of personal sound devices wireless, and hard-wired monitor systems.

3D fit technology

3D-Fit tech preserves the feature of one’s ear impressions with the help of a new process of digital-rendering & 3D printing. In comparison with standard wax-dip molding, this method decreases distortion in the impression. Thus, you will have more precise & comfy custom in-ear monitors.

A great fitting pair of custom in-ear monitors starts with a quality set of ear-impressions. Every impression is refined and digitally-scanned by technicians. This helps in preserving every detail and offers a perfect fitting.

Final-shells are written using a 3D printer with the help of hypoallergenic and hard acrylic. Furthermore, the hue & materials used are specially selected for longevity & durability. Moreover, these materials enable digital renderings which help in maintaining their detail hence offering optimal comfort.

When the printing is done on shells, the remaining parts are assembled using hands by the production team. All the custom in-ear monitors from 64 Audio are customizable & hand-built from a distinct ear impression. Additionally, these custom-fit earphones help in isolating external noise & give an extra comfortable listening-experience compared to standard earphones.

What’s in the box?

  • A12t Custom In-Ear Monitors

  • Dehumidifier

  • 64 Audio Personalized Protective Case

  • Shirt Clip

  • Cleaning Tool

  • 48-inches or 64-inches Detachable Professional cord

  • m15 apex Modules

  • m20 apex Modules

  • Product Manual

  • Round Sticker


A12t is an in-ear monitor that offers detailed highs, great upper & lower mid-range features. Furthermore, it also has a clean bass-response with strong sub-bass. This offers a reference-level-detail. Additionally, these in-ear earphones have a frequency response that ranges between 10Hz and 20 kHz. Furthermore, these earphones have exclusive skills that challenge old in-ear monitors that are made to offer you an absolutely excellent listening experience.