6 Stylish Wardrobe Designs 2020

For many, wardrobes might not hold much importance and only be considered as storage furniture. However, that is not what the modern world of interior designing believes in. These furniture pieces are much more than just a place to store clothes, makeup, and other such things. With the right choice of wardrobes, you can add elements of style and class to your room and give it a chic transformation!

If you have been lately thinking of giving your wardrobe a changeover from a stylish and functional point of view, this guide is for you. When it comes to interior designing, it is imperative to say aligned with the emerging trends to make your house stand out. In 2020, the trends concerning wardrobes and their different styles are spectacular in every sense! Below are the top trends in wardrobe designing that are all the rage this year! Want to try some of them for your room? Continue reading!

Trend # 1 Walk-in/Hinged wardrobes

One of the most spellbinding furniture layouts that are making the most noise in 2020 is the walk-in and hinged wardrobes. This year is all about installing furniture pieces that are bound to add in elements of class and poise to your room. However, walk-in or walk-through wardrobes are the epitome of luxury and can effortlessly showcase all your items. These styles come with different sizes of doors and varying finishes. Furthermore, the space for storage is unmatchable, as you can keep your clothes, bags, shoes, makeup, and other items in an organized manner in these wardrobes.

Trend # 2 Premium color pairs

No matter how perfect the design of your wardrobe is, if it is not carrying the right pair of colors, it will never give a satisfactory outcome. Color trends change every season, but some will always slay the look of your bedroom. Shades that are in fashion in 2020 are warm greys, crisp whites, and timbers. If you are looking for a more crazy look for your room, you can also go for matte black, blue, and popping pastels. Just make sure that the color you choose goes with the overall furniture in your room and complements the style.

Trend # 3 Accessorize!

Wardrobe accessories might be small in size, but they can help you transform the entire design in whatever way you want to! Door handles are the best way to customize our wardrobe and add some personality to your room. The door handles that are gracing the wardrobes in 2020 are brass, and antique brown handles. However, there is a door handle for every wardrobe design in 2020. Some of them are knob, bar, and peak integrated handles.

Trend # 4 Framing

Framing your wardrobe with glass shelves where you can showcase your hats, handbags, and other such accessories are the new approach to take the stylish in your room to new heights. In fact, you can display whatever you want to like art scriptures, showpieces, photographs, and souvenirs. You can make use of sleek matte black for the frame color to make the overall look of the wardrobe irresistibly on-trend. Also, you can update the displayed items according to your convenience and place must-have items within reach on the shelves.

Trend # 5 Compartmentalization with style

Wardrobe organizers can help a great deal to sort out the space for storage of each item. Smart and chic organizers can work wonders when you have to make proper space for storing clothes, footwear, makeup, and other accessories. The little details of quality and a modish organizer can elevate the style of your wardrobe to new levels. Choose matte coolers that will give a subtle yet a royal look to your wardrobe.

Trend # 6 Utilization of other furniture pieces

Addition of other trendy furniture pieces like an island bench in the walk-in wardrobe can enhance the final look of the room. It is also a smart way to make more space for storage. With such furniture pieces, you can benefit from deep drawers where you can hide things that you do not want people to see!

Make use of these in-vogue trends and make your room look like it is on fire with your contemporary wardrobes!