6 Best Kettlebell Exercises

The swing involves throwing the kettlebell at shoulder height. It is a formidably effective exercise when performed with the right technique. This movement is two in one in the sense that it makes it possible to combine intensive muscular work and cardio-training work.

This exercise is considered the best performing kettlebell movement because it involves the power of the whole body. It, therefore, allows for extreme fat loss. It is also the basis of all ballistic kettlebell exercises.

Although it looks easy to perform, the swing can take a lot of time, practice, and coaching to perfect. Unfortunately, this exercise is mostly performed incorrectly, which will limit results.

The Goblet Squat

The squat is a fundamental movement with many variations. The goblet squat with the kettlebell isn't just a leg exercise - it's a full-body balancing act that will improve your mobility. This ability to move more easily will allow you to train safely with heavier loads.

To optimize strength and leg development, there’s no denying that the bar squat is king, but the goblet squat is a nice plus. Learning to master safe and efficient trajectories is also a prerequisite for progressing with other kettlebell exercises.

On top of that, this is one of the easiest kettlebell exercises to learn and immediately apply in your workout, so why not take advantage of it!

The Turkish Get-Up

The Turkish get-up is a deliberately slow movement that has been practiced for centuries. To achieve this, you will start by lying on the floor, then you will stand up, then you will lie down again in a specific sequence of movements.
This exercise will help you perform functional movements and more advanced exercises. It will teach you to move smoothly, and when you add weight, it will require more strength, more mobility, and more precision.

It is a very versatile exercise that requires special attention to detail and respect for the movements of the human body. For strong and resistant shoulders, the greater strength of the hips and trunk increased mobility: the Turkish get-up is remarkable.

The shoulder press

If you can do the first three exercises and have good mobility and shoulder stability, the kettle or kettlebell press shoulder press is another great movement to learn.

Although it looks like a classic press, it is not a simple shoulder exercise because you are using your whole body to get maximum power and muscle strength.

In addition, the fact that the center of gravity of the weight is not in the center of your hand requires greater recruitment of the deltoid muscles to stabilize the load.

The Clean

Identical to the kettlebell swing, the clean is another bursting exercise that builds strength and builds muscle throughout the body. The difference here is that the kettlebell ends up in an upright position instead of being thrown horizontally to the body.

The clean can take a while to learn, but once you’ve mastered it, it’s a must-have movement for building your fitness.

This exercise can be done on its own, but it’s also great with a more complex movement like the clean and press, which is considered one of the best bodybuilding moves.

The Snatch

The kettlebell snatch, sometimes called the Tsar of kettlebell exercises, is the ultimate demonstration of full-body power. To be clear, this has nothing to do with a bar snatch except that it starts with the weight in the down position and is thrown overhead.

This variant of weightlifting exercise is physically and technically very demanding, but offers exceptional benefits in terms of strength and muscle building. It can help you transcend your athletic performance, build explosive strength, and build strong, powerful shoulders.

It is really the secret weapon that will allow you to relaunch your progress during a period of stagnation.

To avoid hurting yourself, before you start this movement, you will have to master the 5 previous exercises perfectly!

What are the advantages ?

Better physical condition

What distinguishes the kettlebell from its cousin the dumbbell is the specificity of its load. Since the center of gravity of a kettlebell is six to eight centimeters away from the handle, this makes handling more difficult.

Therefore, virtually any exercise you do with it, whether it is push-ups or crunches like squats, is going to require a stricter ■■■■■■■■■ and more muscle activation than if you were using a dumbbell.

Take the example of the military press with the kettlebell. With bars and dumbbells, many people do incomplete extensions. But with the kettlebell, everyone will instinctively want to push towards the load upwards, because the offset load acts as a counterweight, pulling the shoulder back.

In other words, the kettlebell inspires you to exercise perfectly.

Another example with squat movements with a kettlebell held in front of you. The latter will force you to descend further back and push with your heels (to compensate for the counterweight), which improves your squat technique.

Improves sheathing

As mentioned above, lifting a kettlebell above the head creates a certain propensity to flare the ribs, or to lean backward, which requires the muscles to be tightened as much as possible. the abdominal strap to ensure balance.

During the kettlebell swing, it is important to maintain the core to stabilize the body and ensure proper ■■■■■■■■■ of the movement: it is not optional as it is with other free weights or some weight machines.

Improves physical skills

For any athlete, kettlebell training helps challenge the center of gravity of the moving mass.

Other objects, whether it is a ball, a hurdle, or an opponent, infrequently remain stationary during a match or competition. Using kettlebells trains your body to stabilize itself and build strength despite the chaotic movement.

Moreover, exercises like kettle swings, clean and jerks, and snatches build power that can translate directly into a sport.

If your workout lacks explosive movements, kettlebells are a great place to start.

Increase grip

The kettlebell handle (grip), combined with the shifted load, requires your fingers, hands, and forearms to work harder to control it compared to a dumbbell.

While some manufacturers offer a thick grip, a narrower grip will make it easier to perform more complex movements, giving you more training options.

Since grip strength (grip) is important in most sports as well as for general strength gain, kettlebells are proving to be critical equipment for many athletes.

Better cardiovascular endurance

Most kettlebell exercises involve the entire body, and many, like the classic clean and press and snatch, involve lifting the load off the ground above the head. Working the muscles of the body over such a range of motion creates enormous demand on the heart.

Therefore, many athletes use kettlebells as the cornerstone of their fitness programs.