5 Tips by Mike Giannulis to Stay Healthy During Coronavirus Quarantine

As countries are taking whatever steps necessary to stop the spread of Covid-19, self-quarantine, as well as temporary closing of other businesses, may cause trouble in your diet routine. Healthy people, as well as those who’re facing serious breathing problems, are being requested to not leave their homes. In some countries, fewer restaurants and takeaway options are available and some particular items are becoming harder to find at supermarkets.

This is the crucial time when you need to look after your health, and to do that you must consume good nutrients. As we have limited access to fresh foods, it seems hard to eat a healthy diet. But consuming highly processed foods, which are high in sugar, fat, or salt, can potentially be dangerous for your health business. There are still various ways to make healthy food even with scarce ingredients.

Here are some general tips to eat healthy when you’re in self-quarantine.

Focus On Fresh Products or Ingredients

Using fresh ingredients or fresh food will be beneficial during this coronavirus pandemic. If fresh products like milk, vegetables, or even fresh fruit are available, then consider them as your priority over imperishable foods. During this quarantine period, you can’t afford to waste any leftovers, so consider freezing them and use them for another meal.

Mike Giannulis Suggests to Use Food Delivery Options

Although you have to prioritize home-cooked meals, many countries or rather cities have some extraordinary food delivery system. Not only do they deliver fresh ingredients but also deliver mouthwatering ready meals, which are quite healthy of course. Some companies have a “contact-less” delivery policy, which means you don’t have to interact with your delivery boy.

Do Not Consume Excessive Salt

As there’s short storage of fresh foods, you may need to rely more on frozen and canned foods. Most of these canned foods contain high levels of salt, which is bad for your health. WHO recommends you to consume a maximum of 5g of salt each day. In order to achieve this, try eating foods with fewer or no salt added. Also, try washing the canned foods like vegetables or fruits, to get rid of the excess sodium. But stay away from pickled foods as they contain an extra high level of sodium. It’s best to avoid adding extra salt to your meal, as you might be consuming more than enough salt already. Instead, experiment with other fresh herbs to add some new flavors.

Drink Plenty of Water

Mike Giannulis says that staying hydrated is one of the best ways to stay healthy. Good hydration is very much needed to maintain optimal health. Tap water is the cheapest and healthiest drink you can find, but you can only consume it if it’s safe. You should drink plenty of water instead of sweet beverages like soft drinks, soda water, etc. This way you can limit yourself to take an excessive amount of sugar. If you want to improve the taste of water, you can also add some dried herbs like lavender, rosemary, or mint.

Consume Less Amount of Alcohol

Alcohol is not only injurious for your health but also alters your mind. Taking care of your immune system is very much important, and the excess amount of alcohol consumption can affect your immune system fatally. Thus, using alcohol makes you vulnerable to many diseases, including covid-19.

If you’re going through some medications, it’s suggested not to consume alcohol. It’ll make your medication less effective. Also, do not drink alcohol when you’re receiving pain medications, because alcohol interferes with your liver functions and makes you feel dizzy. Not to mention, it may cause some serious health problems, including damaging your liver.


Here are a few tips to maintain a healthy diet. Remember, unhealthy food and disrupted sleep pattern not only affect your immune system but also affects your mental and physical state. By proper and healthy diet, you can fight against Covid-19 and without a doubt, victory will be yours.