5 Things to Consider Before Buying Diamond Jewellery

Ladies always love to have diamond jewellery either it is in the form of diamond earrings, rings or bracelet stone. That’s why diamond ornaments are still in fashion from centuries. However, it is always challenging to purchase the right diamond jewelry, especially if you are a first-timer. That is why, in this thread, I am going to share things that you should consider before buying diamond jewellery.

Here we go:

1. 4 C's of Diamond

It is useless to purchase a diamond jewel without considering the 4 C’s of the diamond. These 4 C’s are Cut, Carat Weight, Color and Clarity. First of all, you should exam the cut of the diamond. Any diamond only sparkle more when jeweller cut and design it perfectly. For such classy cuts, you can also consider Novita Diamond’s classy diamond jewellery from here.

In the same token, to check the worth of diamond, you can also visit the GIA Colour Grading System. You shouldn’t forget the significant of carats here because carats refer to the purity of the diamond.

2. Avoid Fancy Diamonds

If you think fancy diamonds shine more, then you are wrong. These fancy diamonds only sparkle in images and don’t glitter in actual. Keep in mind, the diamonds also don’t glow because of poor cutting that’s why it is better to avoid fancy diamonds.

3. Check Scratches

It is the design, polish, colour and cutting of diamond which decide its worth. The jewels which have scratches on them presents the poor polish. Before buying a diamond, you must check scratches on it. The use of a magnifier could also be a good idea to perform this task.

4. Ask for Certification & Laser Inscription

It is always suggested to buy diamond jewellery from certified labs. Yes, you can ask jeweller or company about their American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL) or Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certification. Laser inscription would also keep your diamonds secure. Most of GIA gems are laser inscribed.

5. Go With Colourless Diamonds

It has also been noticed that rare-colour diamonds are cheap as compared to the colourless diamonds. The jeweller probably would try to convince you to go with a colourful diamond because here he can get more benefit in terms of designing price. Withal, it is better to go with colourless diamonds.