5 Features That You Can Not Do Without In A Mental Health EMR Software

Mental Health is as important as your physical health but it’s not taken care of as much as it should be. As time has passed by, many people have understood the importance of keeping yourself healthy mentally which is why the demand for therapists has increased. Like every other medical practice, this field also requires a lot of attention which is why the demand for Mental health EHR software has also increased. There are a lot of Mental health EHR software to help therapists out with their everyday work lives. Without further delay, let’s jump straight into the top EHR Features of Mental health EMR Software.

Mental Health EMR features

Mental health is a tricky field where a lot is going on and the focus needs to be completely on the patient which is why Mental health EMR software have some features that are specifically designed to solve some of the issues of therapists and users working in this particular field. We are going to take you through the top 5 features of a Mental health EMR software or the EHR Features that mental health can not do without. Let’s not waste any time and get straight into the features. The top 5 features that mental health can not do without are as follows:

  1. Mental health specific templates
  2. Clinical documentation
  3. Task management capabilities
  4. SOAP notes
  5. Cloud access.

Mental Health specific templates

Mental health EMR needs to have mental health-specific templates. Even if you have a great system or great software, you still need a good EHR software that should be able to let you build your own templates and your own order sets that are made according to your specifications. If it lets you do it when you are treating your patient, the process gets faster and is streamlined. Clinical efficiency is improved and the whole system goes smooth. Specifically designed templates also save you a lot of time, make your tasks simple for you, and help you figure out many problems a lot faster.

Clinical Documentation

Documentation is a very tricky process and can take up a lot of your time. Mental health requires a lot of attention and the focus needs to be entirely on the patients, not on the processes around the workflow. Therefore, a Mental health EMR needs to have a feature for easy and simple documentation. Not only will that help the administration with the reduced workload but also streamline your documentation processes. It will save a lot of time, reduce the chance of errors, and no delays will be recorded/observed. A high level of accuracy will be maintained and everything will be managed and saved in one place which is very convenient for users as they can access it easily whenever they feel like it.

Task Management

If you have a Mental Health EMR and it doesn’t know the basic rules and drives task management, then you probably should change or switch as soon as possible. A good Mental Health EMR needs to be able to help you organize and manage your daily tasks. A good mental health EMR reminds staff to sign notes and assessments, review lab results, and approve medications, just to name a few. Mental health EHR should help you find a solution to all the tasks that are needed to be performed. With the help of the right tools for task management, your workflow will be streamlined within days of installation. Tasks will be performed in a much better manner and faster than you can imagine.

SOAP Notes

A SOAP note is a progress note that contains specific information in a specific format that allows the reader to gather information about each aspect of the session. SOAP notes are very important when it comes to Mental Health because the therapists need to observe and jot down everything and it’s important to have a progress note to keep everything in check. A good Mental Health EMR needs to have a SOAP notes feature to improve the clinical efficiency at the workplace.

Cloud Access

A good mental health EHR needs to be able to be accessible 24/7. It’s a very sensitive field where communication is very important. The patient and the doctor both need to be able to communicate at all times. Therapists need to be able to access their patient information at all times.


According to us, these mentioned EHR features are the top 5 features that a good Mental Health EMR needs to have. We have observed that these features are very important and useful for therapists and anyone in this medical practice.