5 Extraordinary Ways to Buy Rings That Don't Break The Bank!

Wanting to get married doesn’t mean you need to end in debt. There are plenty of ideas and ways you can make it through the happy festivities contrary to the popular beliefs you do not need to spend a three-month salary to buy the engagement rings. Some of you may be rolling your eyes but let’s face the fact - do you want to be bankrupt by the time you get engaged or do you want to make it memorable?

If I were you I would go with a third option i.e. to buy an engagement ring that doesn’t put a dent in my wallet. Surely you don’t want to start your marriage buried in payments and loans right? You need to plan things the smart way. There are more than one ways you can spend and still save money.

When thinking of a budget you need to add your partner to this mission too. After all, you are going to be the inseparable Bonnie and Clyde so you might as well find a mutual way of making your dream wedding or engagement affordable.

But how? Let’s find out.

Rings under $2500

There are jewelry designers in the world who are keen to make luxurious diamonds and gold bands much affordable. Instead of buying a huge diamond ring did you ever think of getting small wedding bands for the day? Hey, no need to frown okay?

In fact, this idea works under a tight budget! You can still buy a timeless piece in the form of vintage wedding bands or something smaller and decent in size rather than going all crazy over the sparkly rings.

Small wedding bands represent the elegance and sophistication on behalf of the bride.

Assistance at the ring shop

When you plan a visit to the jewelers, they even assist you in making the fine choice for your wedding. So if you need help to pick the right wedding band, the store manager can ask for your preferences and guide you on spot. Of course, you now might be thinking they’d only sell the highest price to the customers. But little do you know that the loyalty of a customer matters the most!

When it’s time to pick your engagement rings or the wedding bands, you will need a second opinion too. So if you are planning a solo wedding then the help will be most welcome right?

Online Buying

Did you know buying the wedding ring or the engagement ring online costs you almost 20% less? Online retailers have fewer overhead expenses which means they are not bound to add the extra charges otherwise you might be paying for them when buying from a physical store.

Another benefit of buying your desired ring online is that you get to pick more stylish forms too. Customizing the ring via an online retailer is even cheaper as you don’t pay for the stock inventory either.

Before you choose the online jeweler make sure they are authentic and go through their reviews on the webpages and social media.

Use Colorful Gemstones

Wedding bands are not only limited to gold and diamond. There’s a whole another world of gemstones available in colorful variety like sapphires, rubies, emeralds, etc. you can add color to your wedding ring a tad bit more by adding a solitary gemstone or a halo design with mixed metal choice!

It’s obviously a cheaper choice and a stylish one too if you do not mind using bright color ranges of a gemstone as the main choice for your wedding band. A variety of color gemstones will cost you a lot less than a diamond ring.

Festive Cccasions and Shopping Spree

If your wedding is due in the new year or even the middle of the year, the best time to find the discounted rates is at Black Friday and Cyber Monday or the best yet…during Christmas! These occasions are perfect to pick your ideal wedding band or the engagement ring at a reasonable value. You can even find a diamond ring if the discount rate allows your bank balance to not go null.

Most bridal jewelry goes on sale immediately after Christmas but before the New Year so you ought to be ready by the time to spend good money on the wedding bands.

Wedding shopping requires some great effort, a lot of time and patience. So if you were to follow these tips for your future shopping it will be of great help to you. Let us know what you think.