3 Reasons Why Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery is the Best Place to Get Dental Implants

When you lose a tooth, it not only affects your chewing ability but also your appearance and quality of life. Losing a tooth can be the most common occurrence in someone’s life. But the consequences of this can be farfetched. And that is why one needs to fill the place of the lost tooth with dental implants.

Dental implantsDental implants are the most modern and innovative discovery for oral surgery. The artificial tooth that looks just like your original one will be in the empty socket of your mouth aiding your chewing ability as well as personal appearance while improving your quality of life.

Now, if you are in North Carolina and looking for the best place for dental implants Charlotte NC, then you must visit Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery. Why is this place the right one for getting your dental implants? Take a look at the following points and find out for yourself.

Experienced Doctor

Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery is headed by Dr. Richard Rolle JR., one of the most eminent oral and maxillofacial surgeons in North Carolina. He has 30 years of experience in oral and maxillofacial surgery and he has worked with many level I and II trauma centers. He is also equipped with training in anesthesia, intubation, and advanced cardiac life support.

So, when you are coming here and getting treated by Dr. Rolle, rest assured, you are getting the most efficient treatment. Dr. Rolle dedicates all his time to ensuring the patient’s comfort and gaining their trust. Needless to say, by coming to Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery, you will be choosing the best care for yourself.

Best Care Under One Roof

One of the most challenging parts of getting dental implants is that often the patient needs dental bone grafting. If you have lost your tooth or teeth quite some time back, then it is more likely that your jawbones have started deteriorating.

Basically, the jawbones are supposed to support your teeth. When the socket is empty, the bones don’t get to support anything. And that is why it becomes necessary to get the dental bone grafting so that when the implant is placed, the jaw can give it full support.

Now, when you are coming to Dr. Richard Rolle Jr. oral surgeon, if he sees it is necessary, he will be able to perform the bone grafting surgery by himself. So, there is no need further to find another clinic to get the procedure done. You can get everything under the same roof.

Latest Technology

There can be some disorder that will cause you to lose a tooth. Or your teeth can be knocked out due to some accident. Whichever the case may be, it is necessary that the doctor gets a complete idea of the bone structure and any other underlying problem you might have in your mouth.

  1. At Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery, this is possible as the place is equipped with the best and the most advanced technology. They use 3D imaging for finding out the issues in your mouth before they start the procedure. This way, you can get all-around care.


So, now as you know how Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery is the best place to get your dental implants, what are you waiting for? Call at 704-892-9500 now for booking an appointment and experience excellence.