20th birthday ideas that will amazed your friends

20th birthday is very attractive for young ones.The excitement and enthusiasm in this age appeals to everything with great energy.some of us mostly have done with our early age.Birthday is is that day of resolution that we make with ourselves that what to do in future ??how to be more successful??more lovable,more attractive,how to in lime light.

All of us go through such age where everyone likes to the centre of attention especially in 20th birthday when a person is young a lot of energy to do things in his way.

Usually it’s our time when a young person decided to make new milestones and love to appreciated by the people. So so here we will discuss then how can you make your 20th birthday so much special that will amaze your guest and give you the confidence that how much you are able to achieve your goals in future.

Why birthday is always special for uss???
Believe it or not,always we seek attention on birthdays by all people and a wish emerges in our mind that all should love us, appreciate us as it’s our birthday.i remember I used to count the days of my birthday.surely I was special for my parents but want something more than attention.and that was celebration.

Sense of joy

Whenever the imagination of birthday comes,the balloons, lightning,candles,cakes,party and joy comes too.in early ages kids feel happy in center of their friends and feel special that specific day is for them.He is the chief guest today.its a very energetic feeling of childhood.
Special day for your love ones too.

This day is very special for your loved ones too because remembering the birthday of someone is a very great feeling one who loves you will definitely reminds your birthday gift is not necessary but a token of love and appreciation is enough for you for your birthday.

Many boyfriends and girlfriends amazed one another on remembering their birthdays and making special this event.Many parents surprise their children on these occasions.
While planning birthday some necessary things to keep in mind.

Now you are young enough to plan your birthday in party in such a way that all your requirements meet.for sure now you are not a kid that will be happy or make friends happy on merely cutting of cake and some snowy stuff.here are some points that will help you while planning birthday party.


The main thing is budget that determines the level of party and make birthday special but in all cases buget is not enough now it’s time to play with mind that in least budget things can be made special.But determining your budget must be in mind you have to make certain expenses after,so chose wisely.

Availability of guset

The second major step while planning is availability of your friends and fellows, because a birthday is incomplete without friends.All of your friends are doing things on the age of 20 so consult with them which day and timing suits all of you.


Timeing is also a very important step as Mondays and Fridays are oftenly more busy than other days and Saturday suppose to be a relaxing day.so timing should not be expand as if you are planning a beach party or picnic the whole day is required.but in case of theme parties 3 to 4 hours are enough.the timing more than this will bite your guest in case of indoor party.ehile in outdoor parties a lot of things can we do so theargin is high.


Always keep in mind that excitement that you will show to your near ones will charge your friends and family too.if you are full and slow others won’t interest in such gathering.your excitement will determine the level of your day speciality.And your friends will plan too to make your day special.


Don’t make birthday ordinary like others,try to find out which thing can specialize and differentiate your ideas.we will also discusse what are the new plans.

Music arrangements

Music gives twist and boost the enthusiasm.so arrange music of different kind as ariabian and egyptian are the lands of mysteries such touch of music along with different modern mashups are awesome idea.

Decorating outdoor places

Indoor decorations are very easy to do but if you are planning some outdoor things the decorations will be more beautiful and you can add some fun elements in it.


Your party cusine must be very different from normal parties.parties are arranged for fun and food is fun too.the BBQ and sea food is always fun in birthdays.
Some ideas that can be deployed on 20th birthday

Floral party

Floral party is a great idea to do.flowes freshens us internally and externally moreover a lot of things that can we do with flowers like making tiara wearing must in party if you are a young lady that will give a luxury look in indoor party but I out door sea sides it gives a very natural look to you.

Theme party

Theme parties are very common now a days in such parties some theme is selected and even on cards it’s mentioned.black and gold theme is popular in winters while sky or fresh green is popular in summers.along with such themes alien theme,naïve theme,or theme of your creativity can also be used.


As discussed above versatility would enable you to be remembered through your party.alien theme,floral theme,waters or fire themes are also very fascinating.

**Unexpected Cusine **

Wether you are planning indoor or outdoor the Cusine should be unexpected and take care of every guest likeness if you’re in love with meat and fish some guests may like diet or low carb food.so chose wisely whenever you are planning for food.

Funny scary prank party

This is the best thing that will make enjoyable your gathering.you can take idea from Ellen the famous comedy anchor about the pranks that she did with her guest in live programs.These pranks are a great laughter.in outdoor gathering pranks would be more realistic.

Sea view arrangements

Sea view and beaches are always a great fun places .so while decorating or gathering your friends keep in mind that after celebrations of birthday truth and dare type games are commonly played and have a great fun.

Organizing a trip

By organizing a road trip or a different place trip will be great in presence of your friends and family.try to book coaster or something big that will make your trip and celebrations worthwhile and memorable.


At last we will conclude by saying that now you are grown up enough to take the things and aims in reality.an idea can make your things better.your 20th birthday is a milestone for future.always bring fun and excitement in your life along with hardwork.