2 Grau Completo

2 Grau Completo

Or what does Class 1 mean?

o Class 1, ie lines 1 to 8 from the basic teaching principles

O Class 2, high school through lines 1 to 3 is important

o Class 3 if higher education type is available


Class 1 Complete Basic Complete Teaching

Second full class

Class 3 Upper Class (College)

Complete primary education, complete high school and complete higher education

1  Gray or full elementary education ie from 1 á á ° 8à° grade

Class 2 Class 1 year 3

And 3. Gray Finish, if it is finished or clean, you did it in college.

2 Grau Completo

2 Grau Completo

Elementary School I (1st to 4th lines)

Elementary School II (5 to 8)

Media education

2 Grau Completo