16 Ways to Get a Flat Stomach With Diet

How to Lose Weight Fast, A few small changes really can slim your midsection.

Burn Belly Fat

Foods can "burn" belly fat. “I hate to bust the bubble on this one, but flat belly foodsaren’t exactly a thing — especially when it comes to the idea that you can ‘spot train’ certain areas of your body through the foods you eat,” says [Jaclyn London, M.S., R.D., C.D.N, Nutrition Director.

“Consider adding sources of potassium, calcium, and magnesium to your diet, and cutting back on sneaky sources of sodium,” London says. “The easiest place to start: Make your daily snacks veggie- and fruit-based, like an apple with nut butter; crudites with hummus and tzatziki, berries with yogurt, or swap a sweet potato or leftover roasted squash for bread in a sandwich. This naturally ups the mineral content and provides extra fiber for fewer grams of sodium overall.”

For short-term debloating, she advises going easy on the cruciferous veggies (like [kale]and [broccoli], legumes, and leafy greens. Even though they’re extremely a nutritious choice most of the time, these fiber-rich foods can lead to some gas pain depending on how hydrated you are and how much fiber you usually eat. But [if your goal is to lose weight]overall, [eating more real, wholesome foods]and getting active is always a smart way to go. In the meantime, try these easy, science-backed changes for a flatter belly

Go to bed earlier

Getting under the covers a little sooner doesn't just help you avoid late-night snacking. Missing out on a full night's rest slows down your body's metabolism, so if you want to rev up your calorie burn, plan on getting at least seven hours of shuteye.

Another metabolism-boosting tip: Eat every three to four hours, and that should include making time for breakfast. Research shows that people who miss a morning meal experience a surge in a hunger-related hormone later in the day. Regular snacks (which should include fiber-filled [complex carbs and protein] will keep you feeling full and your body burning cals at a steady rate.

Perfect your posture

Straighten up and your figure look better right away, advises *The Biggest Loser* trainer Kim Lyons. "When your posture is good, you're automatically engaging and [toning your stomach muscles]," she says. If you need to remind yourself to stand tall, a few strategically placed [sticky notes]

Keep those fluids coming! “[Being dehydrated]causes the body to hoard water,” Lyon says, leading you to carry up to four excess pounds around your midsection. Aim for [at least eight cups of water]or other fluids daily.

Yep, you read that right. High-water foods like fruits and veggies will fill you up faster, London says. Start your meal with soup, salad, or her favorite pick: pre-dinner [sliced crudité]and spicy hummus. The combo of [capsaicin (a spice in hot peppers)and the chickpeas’ soluble fiber can help curb hunger.

[Another win for your cup of joe]: Caffeinated coffee is a natural (mild) diuretic, which helps you de-puff by eliminating excess water in the body. Java’s stimulating effects also keep things moving in your gut, London says. The regular bowel movements help with a flatter belly.

Many people chew gum as a way to stifle cravings or prevent mindless eating but this tactic may have an unfortunate side effect: belly bloat. Everyone naturally swallows a small amount of air when they chew but it’s magnified for people who chew gum, which causes gas and bloating. In addition, some artificial sweeteners have been shown to increase your appetite for junk food, so gum could be increasing your waistline on two fronts.

First, it’s gross. Second, chewing while breathing through your mouth can make you swallow as much air as food, causing your belly to inflate. Learning proper table manners will not only help you keep a trimmer tummy but will also make your friends and family much happier.