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10/10 Rule,

10/10 Rule: What is the Meaning of 10/10 Rule?

  1. The issue of analyzing and demonstrating risk transfer as a condition for using insurance accounting was formed in the early 1990s with the adoption of Financial Accounting Standards (FAS) 113 (and its equivalent law). ۔ SSAP 62). FAS 113 is a response to perceived abuse and sets the standard for examining whether an item should be labeled as an insurance contract. According to FAS 113, risk transfer must be demonstrated by comparing the current value of the cash flows attached to the contract and, in particular, exceeding a certain threshold of risk importance. The limit, commonly called test 9a and 9b, is: 9a. When insuring an insurance contract, the insurance company carries a significant insurance risk compared to the insurance contract. 9b. The insurance company may incur material losses in the transaction. Although neither meaning nor possibility has been defined in this context, the basic rules for the application of FAS 113 soon emerged. This rule stipulates that if there is a possibility of at least 10% of the value of the current loss of 10 or more (expressed as a percentage of the premium transferred by the contract), then the contract The limit will be exceeded.

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